Marnoo Community Plan


About the Marnoo Community Plan 

The Marnoo Community Plan provides ideas, activities, and actions to guide the direction for community-led initiatives and alignment to council's strategic plans, and to guide vision-making for infrastructure, community programs, and service delivery until June 2025.

Council and community share ownership and responsibility of the Marnoo Community Plan, providing context for focused effort and investment in time, money, and resources. Underpinning the development of this plan is the sentiment that locally developed solutions are essential for successful projects. 

To guide the development of the community plan, Marnoo residents have elected to continue to strive toward their vision to be 'a progressive community retaining and improving existing facilities, services and community values’. 

The vision, actions, and activities in the Marnoo Community Plan 2021-25 are designed to: 

  • encourage families to stay in the area

  • attract and retain new families

  • grow local job opportunities. 

Current projects under way 

A focus area identified by community members in the planning process was town beautification with the suggested key strategy of improving the town's appearance. 

Community members believe a vibrant and well planned out streetscape and welcoming environment should reinvigorate the town, attract new residents, and provide increased opportunities for tourist activity.  

Northern Grampians Shire Council has engaged a qualified landscape architect to develop a streetscape design plan for Marnoo. The project aims to deliver a landscape plan that incorporates the values of access, safety, and diversity of use.  

Project Information

Streetscape design project 

Critical project outcomes:

  • The consultant will deliver a community led and council endorsed landscape plan for the public streetscape of Marnoo 

  • The plan will capture the community’s intentions of the space through consultation 

  • This plan will outline potential projects and opportunities for further investigation and investment in the streetscape 

  • The design will consider creating multifunctional spaces, the sustainability of material for maintenance, aesthetics, and the surrounding landscape. 

  • Provide key design principles for the streetscape as a whole to ensure consistency. 

  • Create an attractive, neat, and tidy environment that is important to living in Marnoo.

  • The design of the streetscape reflects the history, location, and community sentiment of Marnoo residents.  

  • The streetscape offers opportunities for local connection and tourist activities. 

  • Maintenance costs for council should not increase unreasonably. 

  • Consideration of town entrances so as to tie the town landscape together.  

  • Opportunities to integrate with the Silo Art trail that surrounds Marnoo and encourage travellers to stop by.  

  • The plan will complement the upgrades at the Marnoo Recreation Reserve. 

The  process to date has involved engaging with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure the community’s vision is represented but is also sustainable for council to deliver and maintain. 

The project will be delivered in two key stages. 

Stage 1

 Project establishment:  

  •  site visits 

  • NGSC staff engagement 

  • community engagement  

Stage 2 

A) Development of a Schematic Design (draft landscape plan): 

  • identification of opportunities and focus areas for further development 

  • collection and synthesis of ideas 

  • community review of schematic plans  

B) Preparation of landscape plan:  

  • development of design intent and guidelines

  • conceptual layout of key areas  

  • NGSC staff review 

  • community workshop  



B) Landscape design:

Landscape plans for each of the key areas are available for community feedback. 

MP01-Overarching-Analysis.pdf(PDF, 2MB)  The overarching analysis provides an overview of design analysis and intent.  

MP02-Sheet-1-Analysis.pdf(PDF, 2MB)  Sheets one to three outline existing conditions, analysis, and opportunities. 

MP03-Sheet-2-Analysis.pdf(PDF, 3MB)