Register Your Event

If you are organising a public event at a venue owned by Northern Grampians Shire Council, it is essential to complete the event registration process.  If you are organising a public event at a private location, you may also need to complete the event registration process. This process ensures the smooth execution of your event and helps you to adhere to all relevant policies, procedures, and requirements. Please contact the Northern Grampians Shire Council Events Officer to discuss your event.

Before you begin the registration process, we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the information available on our Planning Your Event(PDF, 3MB) page including the required documents. Additionally, review our list of council venues and reserves to select the appropriate location for your event.


Registration process

The registration process occurs in two stages. The initial stage of registration is a selection of questions, as outlined below, and includes the option to request further assistance from our Events Officer. If you do not require assistance, please select no. All questions must be completed before clicking the submit button to progress.

Stage One: Event Requirement Assessment 

Provide event details, including:

  • Your organiser status (business, club, individual).
  • Event name and description.
  • Start date and type (community or private) A private event is an ‘invite only’ event, no walk-in guests are allowed. A community event can be held by a group, business, or individual that welcomes visitors/guests and is unsure of the number of expected attendees.
  • Activities, admission charges, and expected attendees.
  • Road/footpath use, busking, fireworks, food, alcohol, and structures.
  • Event location (public or private land). Public land is any land owned by the council including council buildings, sports ovals, and parks. Private land is privately owned property, businesses, and buildings or land managed by government bodies other than the council. If you do not know the owner of the property, please select unsure. It is mandatory to supply an address in the fields provided in the form.
  • Council venue selection.
  • Main contact information. Option to be contacted by the council's Events Officer (you must select yes when prompted).
  • Receive a copy of your assessment registration with a link to complete full event registration. Please check your junk mail if you do not receive this email with 24 hours of submission.


Stage Two: Full Event Registration 

Information from Stage One carries over. Check for errors. If an error note appears when you try to move to the next screen, there will be an information box that requires completion before you can move forward.

  • Confirm council facility use.
  • Specify event type.
  • Indicate the total number of people you expect to attend.
  • Confirm contact details.
  • Provide event dates and set up/pack up times. Note that any date changes may be subject to venue availability for council-owned facilities. If you have recurring dates such as the first Friday of every month, please write this in the text box or upload a fixture if required.
  • Choose the type of temporary structures, if any, that you plan to use.
  • Comply with food and alcohol requirements, including providing a list of food suppliers and uploading necessary certificates/permits.
  • Share information about waste and recycling contractors or request quotes from the council's waste department.
  • Provide details about promotional signage, including size and location, or indicate if none will be used.
  • Describe any planned footpath and road usage and upload a traffic management plan if available. If you lack a traffic management plan, specify the event's impact on surrounding footpaths and roads.
  • Provide information regarding toilet facilities.
  • Upload your Emergency Management and Risk Management Plans. If assistance is needed, you can request contact from our Emergency Management Officer.
  • Upload a copy of your event insurance certificate, ensuring it is current for the event date. For private events with a specific guest list (not open to the general public), insurance may not be required.
  • Acknowledge COVID and privacy statements.
  • Submit your registration.

Required documents

Two main documents will be required for every event held in Northern Grampians Shire:

Risk Assessment(DOCX, 177KB) (RA) – A risk is anything that may occur which will reduce or threaten the ability to run a successful, as planned event. Whilst planning for your event, you will need to conduct a thorough risk assessment to assist you to hold and manage a compliant and safe workplace for staff and volunteers, protect the public and any council/community asset.

Emergency Management Plan(DOCX, 33KB) (EMP) – This plan is designed to minimise any threat to life and damage to assets. It must detail specific responses and procedures that should be carried out during an emergency.

Your EMP plan should include:

  • Event details 
  • Emergency contact list and management structure
  • Event timeline
  • Emergency communications
  • First Aid/medical plan
  • Traffic control and parking
  • Crowd control and security
  • Fire and all hazards prevention and emergency evacuation
  • Weather monitoring and response plan
  • Emergency evaluation procedures
  • Event contingency planning
  • Communications plan
  • Testing training and briefing
  • Post event evaluation
  • Site plan
  • Templates for incident reports - Northern Grampians Shire Council templates are available

Insurance – All events require current Public Liability Insurance for the full duration of an event. Event organisers are responsible for the safety of event participants and spectators at all times. Northern Grampians Shire Council will not accept liability for personal injury, loss or damage that may occur to participants, third parties, or their property, as a result of holding an event.

Event organisers are also responsible for obtaining copies of insurance from sub-contractors involved with the event. Events, activities, or construction that have a likelihood of causing damage or personal injury must have publicly liability insurance of at least $20 million. Other amounts will be considered where there is no likelihood of damage or injury.

Please note that a completed copy of all these documents will need to be uploaded during the registration process. If you need further assistance while registering your event you will be able to request that the council Events Officer contact you. Please ensure that your contact details are correct.

Depending on the size, duration and location of your event, other permits and requirements might be triggered as part of the registration process. Additional items to consider as part of your event registration process are as follows: 

The date of your event will need to be provided as part of the registration process. If your event is expected to occur over multiple days, you will be able to select a start and finish date. If you require additional time to allow for set up and pack up this can be included in registration.

Contact details of the event organiser - name, email and telephone number - are to be included as part of the registration. The email provided is the address all correspondence will be sent to, and the listed contact number will be used to contact you if you require further contact and assistance from the council. Please ensure the contact details entered are correct. 


Your event can be promoted across the shire through the events calendar on this website or with posters displayed in Shop 108 Stawell, and may also be eligible for promotion on the television screens displayed outside the council's offices in Stawell and St Arnaud.

To help us create an impressive events calendar promotion on this website please fill in as much detail about your event as possible. You can include your own wording for the calendar event (or the Events Officer will provide some wording for you), any links to social media and photos, posters, programs or banners you would like to have included. The council is also able to include links to ticketing information and alternate websites that promote your specific event or club/group. The more information you provide us with, the more likely visitors to our website will find your event and attend. 

There is also a section where you are able to inform the Events Officer which information you would like to not have included in the calendar, such as a personal number or email address. You also have the ability to provide an alternative in this section.

 Please note that we only display events on this website that are: 

  • Held within our region
  • Appropriate for display on our website
  • Registered, if required 

If you do not select yes for the promotion section or leave this question blank your event will not be listed or promoted.

Register Your Event Here

Please complete this form to start the process to register your event:

Register Your Event Here >>

If you have not familiarised yourself with the information provided, please take a moment to read through the Planning Your Event(PDF, 3MB) guide and our outline of the registration process before you begin.

This registration process should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.