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Council recognises that events are an important part of our community and assist with economic and social benefits.  To assist with navigating events please read below before submitting your event via our online event registration. 


Completing a COVIDSafe Plan is the responsibility of the event organiser.   Please note that your event will not be covered by an existing COVIDSafe Plan held by the Council venue.

A public event is an organised public gathering for a common purpose that is conducted on a one-off or periodic basis, open to members of the public, publicly announced or advertised, and may be subject to a specific licence, approvals or permits.

Our Event Compliance Officer can guide you through any permits and approvals you may need to host a safe and legally compliant event.

When do I need to register my event with council?

See the table below to best determine if you need to complete an NGSC online Event Registration.

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Event Application

Council has recently introduced our Better Events registration process to assist event organisers in what is required to run your event and what details may be required by council to assess your application.  This is a two step process.  Once the first step is completed, you can opt to chat to our Event Compliance Officer if you need more support or continue the application to complete the full registration for assessment.

Once completed and submitted, your application will be forwarded onto the relevant departments that your event may need to satisfy requirements under our Local Laws and legislation.  You will receive written notification once assessed.

This form should take no more than 30 minutes to complete depending on the complexity of your event or venue hire request and the documents you already have completed or are on file ready to upload.  You will be required (where applicable) to provide the following and we encourage you to have these documents ready before starting your application:

- COVIDSafe Plan 

- Risk Assessment

- Emergency Management Plan/Site Plan 

- Certificate of Currency 

Why register your event with NGSC?

Promotion: Once registered, your event can be promoted across the shire via our events calendar on this website, posters displayed in Shop 108 Stawell and via our television screens outside council's offices in Stawell and St Arnaud.  Note, council cannot promote events that have not been registered.

Safe: When you fill out an event registration form we will send this to all departments within council, including Planning, Building, Health, Infrastructure and Waste. This ensures every department is aware of what is happening and that you have the correct permits and permissions to run your event.

Support: During the planning process, we are here to assist you and provide guidance to make your event a success. If you are looking for advice, we are here to have a chat on the phone or meet up in person.  Event organisers have access to over 40 event planning templates to assist with planning that cover marketing your event, volunteer structure and roles, budgets, risk etc.