Governance and transparency

A council provides good governance if-

     (a) it performs its role in accordance with overarching governance principles-

  • its decisions and actions are lawful
  • priority is given to achieving the best outcomes for the community
  • the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the municipal district is promoted
  • the community is engaged in strategic planning and decision-making
  • innovation and continuous improvement is pursued
  • collaboration with other councils and statutory bodies is sought
  • the ongoing financial viability is to be ensured
  • the transparency of council decisions, actions and information is ensured
  • regional, state and national plans and policies are taken into account in strategic planning and decision making

(b) councillors perform their roles-

  • participate in the decision making of the council
  • represent the interests of the municipal community in that decision making; and
  • contribute to the strategic direction of the council through the development and review of key strategic documents of the council, including the council plan.