Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC)

Under the Emergency Management Act 1986 & 2013, municipal councils must establish a Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC). The MEMPC is responsible for preparing, reviewing, and maintaining a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP).

The Northern Grampians Shire MEMP includes strategies to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from emergencies which may occur within the Northern Grampians Shire and impact on residents and infrastructure. The MEMP responds to the economic and social effects of emergencies, including loss of life, destruction of property and dislocation of individuals and communities.

The broad objectives of the plan are to:

  • Identify, treat and evaluate potential risks that could impact on the Northern Grampians Shire community. This includes pandemic, extreme heat, fire, and flood planning.
  • Implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of those emergencies.
  • Detail arrangements for the activation and coordination of municipal resources in response to emergencies. 
  • Detail arrangements for the provision of assistance to the community recovering from an emergency event.
  • Complement other local, regional and state planning arrangements.

The Northern Grampians Shire MEMPC includes the following membership:

  • Northern Grampians Shire Council - MEMO (Municipal Emergency Management Officer) (Chair)
  • Victoria Police - MERC (Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator)
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Victoria State Emergency Service
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Department of Families, Fairness & Housing
  • Community Representative
  • Local emergency service and agency representatives and others as required.

**Call for Community Members to assist Northern Grampians Shire Emergency Management Planning**

Would you like to be involved in discussions about local planning and preparation for emergencies? Could you assist with sharing local understandings and information about your community’s preparation for emergencies?  Are you able to contribute a minimum of 2 hours twice a year? 

Who We Are Looking For 

Since we have a good representation from local organisations and agencies, the MEMPC would like to invite local people that can provide a local community viewpoint. We are looking for knowledge and/or experience in Business, Tourism, Agriculture, Industry and Education.

We also appreciate hearing from Youth (16+ years) to help provide a younger viewpoint.

Expectations of you 

  1. Attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year for 2 hours each, during business hours.
  2. Have an interest in your local community and the emergencies that they could experience.
  3. Share common community viewpoints and local community information.
  4. Assist in sharing the MEMPC’s public information with your community. 

How long could you be involved for? 

Your initial membership period will be 2 years (minimum total of 4 meetings required). Every 2 years this process will be repeated and you will be able to reapply. 


The next step is to register your interest with Northern Grampians Shire Council. 

  • Fill out the expression of interest form by clicking the button below. It should take no longer than 10 minutes. 
  • Request a manual form by calling Council on 5358 8700. 

Expressions of interest must be in by the 3rd of February 2022.

If you have any further queries or would like more information, please contact the Emergency Management Officer at Northern Grampians Shire Council on 5358 8700. 

MEMPC Community Representative Nomination form >>

Council's Emergency and After Hours Number is (03) 5358 8700.

Shire offices are open from Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) between 8.30a.m. and 4.45p.m.

Please address all correspondence to:

Chief Executive Officer.
P.O. Box 580, Stawell, VIC 3380.