Parks and gardens

There are many beautiful parks and gardens throughout our shire that are enjoyed by both local residents and visitors.

Council is responsible for the maintenance of ovals and parks, road reserves, urban roadside slashing and spraying, tree and shrub maintenance, tree removal and planting, playground maintenance, irrigation maintenance, garden beds and roundabouts.

Council is committed to the efficient and effective management of trees and nature strips on council owned or managed land including street trees and open space trees. Good planning and appropriate maintenance are vital for safe and manageable street and roadside trees that will provide aesthetic, material, environmental and ecological benefits to the community.  Council's Urban Tree & Nature Strip Management Plan provides a framework for management of the shire’s street and roadside trees and nature strips in a consistent manner across the shire.  Urban Tree Nature Strip Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Council's Electric Line Clearance Management Plan provides a framework for management of trees on council managed land in relation to vegetation clearances in the declared areas of Stawell and St Arnaud. 

Parks and gardens within Northern Grampians Shire

Parks and gardens in Stawell

Central Park
North Park
Cato Lake Park
Old Lake Oval
Taylors Gully Park

Parks and gardens in St Arnaud

Lord Nelson Park
Queen Mary Gardens
King George's Park
Bicentennial Park
Market Square
Pioneer Park

Other parks and gardens

Halls Gap Recreation Reserve
Navarre Recreation Reserve
Great Western Memorial Park
Glenorchy Park
Stuart Mill Park