Changing your details

Change of ownership

When ownership of a property changes, liability for the payment of rates and charges remains with the owner listed in council records until we receive a notice of acquisition from the vendor, solicitor or conveyancer. Failure to submit a notice within one month of a transfer may result in substantial penalties to vendors.

Update your rate notice details

Use these forms to:

  • Change your address for future rate notices.
  • Update your rate notice details.
  • Receive your rate notice via email.

To complete these forms you will need:

  • the assessment number from your rate notices
  • a signed letter of authority if you are acting on behalf of an owner

Change of address

If you have changed, or are about to change your address, please notify council by completing the form below.

Change of address form >>

Change of name

If your name has changed from that recorded in council records, please notify us by completing the form below and supplying documentary evidence of the change. 

Change of name form >>

Change of tenant

If we are addressing your rate and valuation notices to someone who is no longer responsible for payment of them, please notify us by completing the form below.

Change of tenant/ratepayer form >>