How rates are calculated

The application of general rates is based solely on the valuation of a property. Properties with greater improvements pay considerably more rates than those with little or no improvements. Council multiplies the capital improved valuation of the property by a rate in the dollar, which is set as part of its annual budget process.

Rates for 2023-2024

General rate (includes residential and rural non-farm) = 0.004418 cents per dollar of capital improved valuation.

Commercial rate = 0.005536 cents per dollar of capital improved valuation.

Industrial rate = 0.005536 cents per dollar of capital improved valuation.

Farm rate = 0.001531 cents per dollar of capital improved valuation.

Other charges

In addition to your general rates, the following charges will apply:

Municipal charge: $82

and the following garbage charges may apply:

120 litre garbage kerbside collection charge: $277
240 litre recycling kerbside collection charge: $190

Additional garbage services are $159 per service.

For more information regarding council's waste services visit our waste management page.

Farm land rates

The farm land rate for 2023-24 is 65% lower than the uniform general rate. The criteria for application of the farm land rate includes the size of the property and the use of the land.

The 2022-23 council budget has introduced a floating differential model.  Council has recognised that farm property valuations (as provided by Valuer General Victoria) have continued to increase by more than the other categories.  The change sees that the amount paid by the farm category is reduced to 36.2% for the 2022-23 year. Council modelled the scenario of returning to 32.5% in one year, however this sudden movement would have adversely impacted a greater number of ratepayers in the community.  Council considers the staged approach to be the most equitable way of returning the distribution of the rates bill to historical averages.

For more information about the floating rate differential watch the video

For 2023-24 the farm land rate is 0.001531 cents per dollar of capital improved valuation.

For more information view our farm land rate differential policy(PDF, 317KB).

Farm land rating application >>

Single farm enterprise

Where multiple parcels of farm land are used to operate a single farming enterprise, a person may only be required to pay council's municipal charge and the Fire Services Property Levy fixed charge once, by applying for a Single Farm Enterprise exemption.

Application forms can be submitted using the online form below.

Single farm enterprise application - fire services property levy and municipal charge >>

The municipal charge recoups and covers some of council's administrative costs and is a flat fee for all properties, regardless of your property valuation. Exemption from payment of the municipal charge is available for farming properties that meet the following criteria:

  • The property must be classified as farm land.
  • The property must form part of a single farm enterprise.
  • The property must be occupied by the same person/s.

However, a municipal charge must be paid on at least one of the properties that form part of the single farming enterprise, and in circumstances where the property has multiple occupied residences, may be payable more than once.

Click here to download a single farm enterprise application form. 

To be eligible for an exemption from council's kerbside collection charge, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • operate a commercial business from a commercial premise.
  • operate an industrial business from an industrial premise.
  • a property where council has determined not to apply rates due to the nature of the organisation using the property and demonstrate it has entered into a formal arrangement for a garbage and/or recycling collection service from a commercial contractor.

In addition to the above criteria, non-rateable properties can be exempt from the collection service with a statutory declaration from the organisation involved stating that the waste and recycle materials will be managed responsibly within its means.

For more information regarding council's waste management services or to make an application for an exemption visit our waste services page.