Capital Works Program


Each financial year, as part of council's budget process, major works and projects are determined for the coming 12 months. These works and projects are called the "capital works program."

As part of the capital works, council details a list of infrastructure maintenance, improvements and projects called the "infrastructure program" which can be viewed in the Infrastructure Program document or via council's interactive mapping system. 

Infrastructure Program

Delivery of major works designed to renew or upgrade long life road infrastructure including bridges, kerb and channel, footpaths, and drainage. 

Renewal programs are developed using asset management principles to treat assets before failure. If council’s asset base is to service the community into the future, the renewal of these assets is vital. 

Upgrade programs are designed to increase the safety, functionality and efficiency of the existing network while reducing risk to the public. 

The program is funded from varying sources including Federal Government grants, State Government grants, individual/business contributions, and council’s rate subsidy.


The program is broken down into separate individual programs:

  1. Bridges Renewal Program
  2. Major Culvert Renewal Program
  3. Drop Structure and Floodway Renewal
  4. Rural and Residential Program
  5. Road Rehabilitation Program
  6. Urban Road Improvement Program
  7. Footpath Program
  8. Drainage Program
  9. Town Street Sealing Program
  10. Major Rural Roads Program
  11. B-Double Route Upgrade
  12. Resealing Program
  13. Resheeting Program

This breakdown divides the deliverables of each individual project into common overarching outcomes.