Stuart Mill Community Plan

Community planning process 

The purpose of this community plan is to guide both council and local residents in implementing activities, programs and projects which are important and relate to the needs of the Stuart Mill community.

To ensure the plan can fulfil its purpose, council will partner with the Stuart Mill community and other key stakeholders to:

  • Define community intentions for future development of the town.
  • Develop a vision for the town into the future. 
  • Identify key priorities for progress and development.
  • Outline the direction for community led initiatives.
  • Agree upon community and council project responsibilities.
  • Provide alignment to council's strategic plans.


Stuart Mill residents will be provided with several opportunities to provide their thoughts and ideas surrounding what is needed in order for Stuart Mill to continue to be a thriving and engaged township. 

Key Stakeholder meeting: 29 August 2022

The overall purpose of the first meeting is to discuss:

  • The purpose and intent of the community plan. 
  • Learnings from the previous community plan implementation.
  • Any outstanding activities of the previous plan which may roll over to the new plan.
  • Critical areas of interest for the new community plan. 
  • Best ways of engaging with the community to identify key priority areas for action.

You can view the Draft Action Plan Summary developed from the information gathered at this meeting here(PDF, 236KB).

Community meeting: 21 September 2022

At the follow-up meeting community members will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide feedback on whether the proposed strategies, actions and roles and responsibilities reflect what you think is needed for Stuart Mill.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas on what needs to be added to the existing information to ensure it is complete.
  • Provide options for strategies and actions that may not yet have been identified.

Comments on Draft Action Plan summary: 22 September to 7 October 2022

Stuart Mill community members are invited to provide feedback on the Draft Action Plan Summary by emailing or calling a Community Development Officer on 03 53580512. 

Community Plan Draft feedback: 17 October to 30 November 2022

More information to come when the Community Planning document is complete.



Step 1.Initial key stakeholder meeting  

August 29, 2022

Step 2.Community meeting

21 September, 2022

Step 3.General feedback 

22 September to 7 October, 2022

Step 4.Write Community  Plan 

10 to 14 October, 2022

Step 5.Draft community plan published and open for feedback

17 October to 30 November, 2022 

Plan accepted by Council

Februrary, 2022