Stawell Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2022-32

Stawell Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2022-32

The Stawell Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2022-32 (STAP) will identify the vision and aspirations for growing tourism in Stawell over the next five years.

The project aims to build a strong and competitive visitor offering in Stawell.

Council has appointed DTM Tourism (DTM) to deliver the project. DTM and council will work with our community in developing the STAP, set to grow the visitor economy.

Desired Project Outcomes

  • To grow the tourism economy across the shire
  • To establish a shared vision of Stawell visitor economy and enable the coordinated delivery of key actions
  • To increase the competitiveness of Stawell as a visitor destination and enable strong promotion, levering off existing opportunities
  • To grow jobs and visitor spend in Northern Grampians
  • To unlock and facilitate opportunities for private sector investment in the tourism offering.

The Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031, identified the action to Undertake a Tourism Strategy for the shire that identifies Stawell as a tourism gateway and the Stawell Tourism Strategy and Action Plan will address this need.

There are also strategies relating to tourism in the Stawell Structure plan that identify potential tourism opportunities in Stawell.



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Read the draft(PDF, 7MB) Stawell Tourism Strategy and Action Plan and take the online survey here

Paper copies will be available from Customer Service on request at Stawell Town Hall.

The survey is open from 30 May and closes at midday, 16 June 2022.

If you would prefer to have a face to face interaction with our staff we will be offering Community Engagement Drop-In Sessions on the following dates:

Stawell Show Market

Laidlaw Park

78 Patrick Street


5 June 2022

9am to 1pm

Shop 108

108 Main Street


9 June 2022

16 June 2022

8.30am to 5pm


26-32 Scallan Street


7 June 2022

14 June 2022

1pm to 2pm, 3pm to 4pm


Volunteer at Stawell Highway VIC

If you are interested in volunteering at the Stawell Highway Visitor Information Centre, please complete our expression of interest form here.



Project Timeline

Step 1.Key tourism stakeholder engagement 

February - March 2022

Step 2.Community Engagement - Phase One

February - March 2022

Step 3.Draft reviewed by council

May 2022

Step 4.Community Engagement - Phase Two

May - June 2022

Step 5.Review and present strategy and action plan to council for endorsement

June - July 2022 

Step 6.Endorsed by council

July 2022

Step 7.Implementation

August 2022

Engagement Timeline

Step 1.Key Tourism Stakeholder Engagement: Late January - Late February 2022

Key tourism stakeholders will be contacted directly by DTM, the project consultants to explore opportunities and challenges around growing the visitor economy in Stawell.

Step 2.Community Survey: March 2022

The Community Survey will identify opportunities and challenges around growing the visitor economy in Stawell.

The survey will be made available online and paper copies will be available from the Stawell Town Hall.

Step 3.Community Forum: Late March 2022

The Community Forum will provide an update on the initial round of consultation and to seek further comment on the concepts for tourism development.

To explore 'Brand Stawell'.

Step 4.Community Engagement - Phase Two: May - June 2022.

The Draft Stawell Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2022-32 will be available to view online and in paper version to view at the Stawell Town Hall.

To participate in the Survey and get details of the Drop-in Sessions please see the Have Your Say section in the sidebar.

Community comment on the draft can also be submitted via:

Background Information

The Stawell Structure Plan sets out a long-term vision for the township and provides a roadmap to guide the future planning of the area over the next 20 to 30 years. The plan establishes a framework and outlines key directions and opportunities for change to foster the future growth and development of the township.

Stawell has significant tourism strengths. Regional tourism projects such as the Peaks Trail in the Grampians, which is being promoted as one of Victoria’s four iconic long distance footpaths, will bring more visitors to the area. The iconic Stawell Gift is at the heart of Stawell’s identity that brings thousands of visitors to the town each year. The Underground The Dark Matter lab will be another unique and iconic marker that will be assisted by an information centre in the town centre.

The expansion of visitor services, accommodation, cultural events, and things that celebrate the many unique qualities of Stawell and its local produce will be a priority for harnessing the opportunities presented by Stawell’s tourism advantages.

A number of key strategies and strategic sites have been identified to help support this such as establishing a gateway feature and information hub at the intersection of Seaby Street and the Western Highway, that seeks to draw visitors into the town, and upgrading Federation Park as a key stopover point for visitors.

An entrance at Federation Park would increase exposure and accessibility for the 11km disused trail linking Stawell to a stone quarry at Heatherlie at the base of the Grampians, with potential for a future link to Halls Gap. 

The Stawell Action Plan project also aligns with the Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2021-31 which outlines that with a well planned local tourism strategy, a high quality visitor experience can significantly benefit the local economy.   

The Council Plan 2021-25 action to Deliver a Stawell Tourism Action Plan covers off this work.