St Arnaud Flood Study

Local flood study modelling and mapping of St Arnaud flood events


This council led project will map flooding throughout the St Arnaud township to inform design and infrastructure needs to manage water flows into the future.

Project Timeline

Step 1.Review flood maps and impact assessment data

As a part of the St Arnaud Flood Study, Watertech has put together various flood maps modelling the significant rain event in November 2018. Data used includes photos from council and community members, impact data and local water system assessments. 

January 2020 - March 2020

Step 2.Community member input

The draft flood maps were tested with the St Arnaud community to determine accuracy and provide additional input prior to presenting these to the broader community. 

March 2020 

Step 3.Flood study development stage

Finalisation of flood maps, reflective of community input. Reports will include mitigation options, property impact and future planning overlays. 

October 2020 - October 2022

Step 4.Summary report

Presentation of final study. Once finalised, the study will be incorporated into emergency management, planning reforms and infrastructure improvements so flood events can be better managed and controlled when they do occur. 

March 2023