Opening hours

Christmas/New Year Operating  Hours

Monday 21/12 6am - 7pm

Tuesday 22/12 6am - 7pm

Wednesday 23/12 6am - 7pm

Thursday 24/12 6am - 7pm

Friday 25/12 Closed

Saturday 26/12 1pm - 6pm

Sunday 27/12 1pm 6pm

Monday 28/12 1pm - 6pm

Tuesday 29/12 6am-7pm

Wednesday 30/12 6am 7pm

Thursday 31/12 6am 7pm

Friday 1/1 Closed

Saturday 2/1 1pm - 6pm

Sunday 3/1 1pm 6pm

Monday 4/1 6am -7pm

Tuesday 5/1 6am - 7pm

Normal operating hours

SSAC will be staffed during the following hours: 

Monday - Friday
6am to 7pm 

Saturday and Sunday
12pm to 4pm

If you require assistance please call us on 03 5358 0550 during these hours. Pool operation hours are outlined below:

Monday - Friday
6am to 11am
2.30 pm to 7pm
*Water slides will operate from 4pm to 6pm daily

Saturday and Sunday
12pm to 4pm
*Water slides will operate from 1pm to 2pm daily

Please check our Facebook page for updates and information.