Other Sustainability Initiatives

Council is currently, or has recently concluded, other sustainability initiatives.

Grampians Gate Caravan Park

The first is an energy efficiency project which has replaced of an oil boiler and inefficient electric storage hot water systems with solar powered (natural gas-boosted) hot water systems at the Grampians Gate Caravan Park where council has responsibility for managing and maintaining some of the assets including this infrastructure.

Funding of $26,000 from the Australian Government’s Local Government Energy Efficiency Program has resulted in lower operating costs for the park’s operators and saved council's building maintenance budget considerable capital cost.

Installation of Solar Photo-voltaics

Council is also currently negotiating the installation of solar photo-voltaics panels on the rooftops of six council properties. These include:

  • Stawell Town Hall
  • St Arnaud Town Hall and Office Complex
  • Stawell Library
  • Stawell Depot
  • St Arnaud Depot 
  • Stawell Leisure Complex

Business cases have been prepared and site assessments completed. Heritage and planning considerations have also been met. 

The cost of installation has been estimated at $219,500 providing an annual saving of $43,700. This a simple return on investment of 18% with a payback of 5.5 years.

If it wishes, council has a number of financing options which would be paid through the savings and have the effect of making the installations cost neutral.

Utility monitoring

Council actively monitors and evaluates the cost and consumption of its electricity, gas and water through internal processes and asset reporting provided by an external agency.

This allows council to identify anomalies, excess usage and incorrect billing information that it can respond to and reduce or correct.

A review of water meters, consumption and site users recently identified over $30,000 worth of savings to council.

Council provides many services to assist our community in the Sustainability area

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Community resilience (health and wellbeing)
  • Development/maintenance of networks and partnerships
  • Enhanced reputation of council as an environmental steward
  • Contribution to Council Plan 2021-25