Bulgana Green Power Hub Community Benefit Fund


The Community Benefit Fund is open from 3 June to 31 July 2024.

Neoen Australia, owner of Bulgana Green Power Hub (BGPH), is committed to contributing to the Northern Grampians Shire community by providing financial support to community groups and organisations to build capacity and grow the region. Each year, the BGPH Community Fund will commit $120,000 through an open and competitive grant process administered by the Northern Grampians Shire Council.

Small grants up to $5,000 and large grants up to $20,000 are available each financial year. Grants over $5,000 are required to match the funding amount dollar for dollar.   

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Did you know the key factors of writing a successful application include; understanding the grants purpose, eligibility criteria, expectations and knowing that the project idea aligns with the intention of the funding stream. To help you write a thorough and meaningful application you are invited to come along to an information session at:

  • St Arnaud on Monday 17 June at 12pm or 5:30pm in the Community Room at the St Arnaud Town Hall.
  • Stawell on Tuesday 18 June at 5:30pm or Wednesday 19 June at 12:00pm at the Stawell Library.

Contact Rachel Whittaker for more information on 03 5358 0512 or by email at community@ngshire.vic.gov.au

The BGPH Community Advisory Group

It is time to pull together a new Community Advisory Group. Northern Grampians Shire Council on behalf of Neoen are looking for three enthusiastic community members to volunteer their time to ensure the funds committed by the organisation to support community groups and grow the capacity of the region are allocated in a consistent, fair, and transparent manner.

Expressions of interest close 17 June.

If you are interested have a read of the information in the tab below.  


Small Grants: Applications up to $5,000 are available as a one-off grant for community projects. These grants do not require matching dollar-for-dollar funding contributions.

Large Grants:  Applications of up to $20,000 are invited. These grants are dependent on the project and available funding at the time and require matching dollar for dollar contribution. Matching contributions can be from the group/organisation or from another confirmed grant. It is expected that a proportion of the funds will come from the group or organisation applying. The objective of this particular grant is to help community groups/organisations leverage funding with government and non-government funding programs as grant allocations are often conditional on groups receiving funding from other sources. In-kind support, as part of the application’s contribution will not be considered. 

Two applications from the same organisation within the same year will not be accepted. 


All grant applications must be completed on the BGPH Community Fund online application form.

You can access the application form here

Before you start your application you can preview or download the form. 


On the application form you will be asked to complete the following.   

1. Check your group/organisation is eligible.

  • Confirm your group/organisation is eligible using the checklist
  • Provide evidence that the group/organisation holds all the necessary insurances, including public liability insurance. If insurance is needed and not currently held, the group/organisation must commit to purchasing all necessary insurances before commencing the project. 

2. Provide applicant and organisation details including ABN status.

  • Name and contact details of applicant and project contact if different.
  • An active Australian Business Number (ABN) or an Incorporated Association Number.
  • Auspice group/organisation details and letter of support if relevant. 

3. Provide details of the project.

  • Project title, start date, address and funding amount being requested.
  • A description of the project/initiative.
  • Alignment (connection) to the Growth Focus Areas. 
  • Why the project/initiative is needed.
  • Evidence that the project/initiative has community support (only relevant for projects over $5000).
  • Who will benefit and how many people will benefit.

4. Demonstrate project planning and outline the expected results of the project.

  • Describe the steps/stages involved in delivering the project/initiative (project plan). Applicants applying for over $5000 are expected to provide a detailed project plan. 
  • Outline the immediate result you expect to see when your project/initiative is complete (e.g. how many trees will be planted). 

4. Describe the project outcomes.  

  • What are the changes you expect to see for the people who will benefit from you project/initiative.

5. Project budget. 

  • Provide details of income and expenditure.
  • Provide evidence of matching dollar for dollar contribution is required for grants over $5,000.
  • Provide quotes for all items being funded over $500.

6. Group/organisations ability to deliver the project. 

  • Explain why you are best placed to deliver this project. 
  • Provide a financial statement to provide evidence of matching dollar for dollar contribution is required for grants over $5,000.

Projects must align with one of Neoen's Community Growth Focus Areas:   

Energy Efficiency and Environment: Installation of solar panels or batteries and supporting conservation of the local environment & biodiversity.

Health and Wellbeing Supporting projects that cater to improved mental health, physical fitness & well-being of community members.

First Nations Heritage conservation & self determined initiatives for First Nations communities.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Services Supporting communities impacted by natural disasters or initiatives to better equip local emergency services.  

Arts, Culture and events Supporting arts, music & local tourism initiatives aimed at connecting the communities & celebrating regional culture.

Education and Training Addressing local skills development and funding educational programs, with a focus on encouraging Women & Girls in STEM.

Sport and recreation Increasing participation in sports and recreational activities.

To be eligible to apply you must demonstrate that the group/organisation:

  • is based within the Northern Grampians Shire municipality or surrounding the Bulgana Green Power Hub
  • is a not-for-profit entity
  • has the permission of the whole of the committee or organisation it is representing
  • is financially viable and competent 
  • can provide matching dollar-for-dollar funding contribution if applying for a grant over $5,000
  • is not a delegated committee of council. 

BGPH Community Fund does not fund:

  • groups/organisations outside of the Northern Grampians Shire
  • events or activities deemed to be detrimental to the environment
  • individuals
  • political or military organisations or activities
  • program and projects outside of the community including international goodwill agencies
  • religious or sectarian organisations involved in purely religious/sectarian activities
  • projects which have already started 
  • projects which could be funded through other available funding sources
  • recurrent operating costs
  • salary subsidies
  • routine/cyclical maintenance funding
  • requests to purchase food or alcohol for catering and events
  • applications received after the closing date. 

Assessment timeline

Assessments will take place during the week of August with applicants notified during the week of 26 August 2024.

Assessment panel

An independent community advisory panel reviews and decides on which applications will be allocated funds. The committee comprises of:

  •  three community members from the Northern Grampians Shire 
  •  one local government representative         
  •  one BGPH representative.

Assessment scoring

The percentage shown is how much that component of the application will contribute to the overall score of your application when being assessed out of 100.

Project/initiative summary- 30%   

Project/initiative planning and expected results - 20%

Project outcomes  - 10%

Budget - 30%

Group/organisation ability to implement the project/initiative - 10%


  1. If any changes are made to the project, or if the project is not to proceed, the applicant needs to advise NGSC immediately in order for funds to be returned.
  2. Proof of expenses of the project funds must be provided in the form of receipts.
  3. Offer of a grant by the Bulgana Green Power Hub Community Benefit Fund in no way implies any ongoing funding commitment or obligation by the Bulgana Green Power Hub Community Benefit Fund.
  4. Any variations to the original submission/project must be in writing to Bulgana Green Power Hub Community Fund Co-ordinator, and then approved in writing by the funding body.
  5. The activity must incur the full expenditure as outlined in the application budget. 
  6. While Delegated Gift Recipient status is not mandatory, applicants who advise of DGR status are requested to provide documentary evidence.
  7.  Bulgana Green Power Hub must be acknowledged in any promotional material using the following wording: This project is supported by the Bulgana Green Power Hub Community Fund Grants Program 2024. 
  8.  Groups/organisations are required to partake in media and communication opportunities that promote the BGPH Community Benefit Fund, as requested.
  9. At the completion of the project, you are required to complete a budget acquittal and report.


The appropriate acquittal form will be available in your Smarty Grants account once you have received your funds. The form is due one month after the specified completion date detailed in your application form.   





Expression of Interest: Bulgana Green Power Hub (BGPH) Community Benefit Fund Advisory Group  

Northern Grampians Shire Council on behalf of Neoen Australia is now calling for interested community members to be involved in the Bulgana Green Power Hub Community Benefit Fund Advisory Panel. 

Are you someone who has a passion for empowering and enabling community groups to be innovative, creative, and sustainable? If so, being a BGPH Community Benefit Fund Advisory Panel member is a fantastic opportunity for you. 

Your role as a panel member is to be responsible for ensuring that funds committed by Neoen Australia to support community groups and grow the capacity of the region are allocated in a consistent, fair, and transparent manner. 

If you are successful in your application, you will be expected to stay on for three years and will be asked to: 

  • Attend an initial induction meeting.  

  • Attend at least one meeting per year with Neoen staff.  

  • Allow time for reading the applications before the group assessment take place. 

  • Be available to attend two half days of meeting time per year depending on the number of grant applications. 

Community members with knowledge or expertise in several of Neoen's community growth areas of will be  considered favorably:

  • environment sustainability
  • health, and wellbeing
  • First Nations
  • disaster relief and emergency services
  • sport and recreation
  • arts, culture, tourism and events
  • education, and training.

Applicants will be selected on merit, skills and expertise with consideration made to factors such as gender, abilities, age, and cultural background. 

Applications open 1 May and close 17 June. 

If you would like more information or an expression of interest form, please contact Rachel Whittaker on 03 5358 0512 or rachel.whittaker@ngshire.vic.gov.au.