Minor Grants

The Minor Grants Program is now closed. 

Northern Grampians Shire Council's Minor Grants are to support one-off, quick to implement projects/initiatives by community groups and organisations within the Northern Grampians Shire.  

Purpose of the funding:

The Minor Grants Program supports projects/initiatives that will:

  • increase the capacity of community groups/organisations to provide quality services/programs (e.g., governance training or strategic planning)

  • increase the ability of community groups/organisations to provide quality services/programs (e.g., purchasing of equipment)

  • increase the diversity of groups/organisations within the Northern Grampians (e.g., establishment of a new group)

  • create opportunities for groups/organisations to contribute to positive outcomes for their community (small project).  


Applications for Minor Grants Program funding can be up to $1,000 per annum. 


The funding stream is now closed due to all funds being expended and will reopen July 2024. 

Projects or initiatives need to be delivered within a three-month period of receiving the funds.


Eligibility criteria

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Minor Grants applicants are required to: 

  • be a not for profit or Incorporated Body with an Australian Business Number (ABN) or be able to provide evidence of an auspice agreement with a group/organisation with an ABN   
  • be based in the Northern Grampians Shire or demonstrate there is a direct benefit to the residents of, the Northern Grampians Shire   
  • be able to deliver the project/initiative within a three-month period of receiving the funds
  • not already receive substantial support from council 
  • be able to be compliant with council's regulatory requirements. 

Applications will not be eligible if:

  • the group/organisation is based outside the Northern Grampians Shire, unless the activity or project can be proven to still have benefit to residents of Northern Grampians Shire
  • the group/organisation has not submitted a grant evaluation and budget acquittal from a previous grant 
  • the funding is being requested retrospectively (the initiative has already started or is completed)
  • the initiative will duplicate other locally available services or resources  
  • the funding is for ongoing or recurrent costs 
  • the funding is to reimburse council fees and charges 
  • the funding includes staff wages (please discuss the use of professional services that support business development capacity building i.e., specialist fees).  



Application form

Before submitting your Minor Grants application make sure to check the following information.

  1. Check that you meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Speak to a member of the council's Community Development Team to ensure you are applying for the most suitable grant.
  3. Read the program guidelines to understand your obligations and guide your application. 

You can complete the application form on the Smarty Grants platform at this link Minor Grants application form.





The appropriate acquittal form will be available in your Smarty Grants account once you have received the funds. The form is due one month after the specified completion date detailed in your application form.  

If you received a grant prior to using the Smarty Grants platform you will need to use this form Minor Grants application acquittal >>