Community Grants

The Community Grants Program is now closed.

Northern Grampians Shire Council Community Grants support projects that contribute towards outcomes that result in: 

  • Increased social connectedness for all Northern Grampians Shire residents. 
  • Creation of safe environments that are inclusive of the growing diversity across communities in the Northern Grampians Shire. 
  • Positive impacts to physical health, mental health, and wellbeing.
  • Greater sustainability of community groups and assets.

Grant Priorities

The Community Grant specific priority areas change from round to round. The priorities are based on community need and key focus areas in councils strategies and action plans.

Available funding

Applications for Community Grants can be up to $5,000. 


The Community Grant funding stream will re-open in September 2024.

Ongoing support 

  • Contact Rachel Whittaker on 03 5358 0512 or at


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for Community Grant funding, applicants are required to: 

  • Be a not for profit or incorporated body with an ABN or be auspiced by a not for profit or incorporated body with an ABN and able to provide documentation demonstrating the auspice agreement.  

  • Be based in, or demonstrate their project has a direct benefit to the residents of, Northern Grampians Shire. 

  • Be able to demonstrate financial viability and competence. 

  • Not already receiving substantial support from council. 

  • Be able to demonstrate compliance with the council’s regulatory requirements.  

  • Provide evidence of Liability Insurance. Events, activities, or construction that have a likelihood of causing damage or personal injury must have public liability insurance (of at least $20 million). Other amounts will be considered where there is no likelihood of damage or injury. 

Applicants will not be eligible if:
  • Organisations or groups are based outside the Northern Grampians Shire, unless the project can be proven to still have benefit to residents of Northern Grampians Shire.  

  • Applicants have already received substantial grants funding within the same financial year. 

  • Applicants are an individual applying for funds.  

  • Funds are contributing towards operating costs e.g., wages/utilities. 

  • The funding is clearly the responsibility of spheres of other Government i.e., Department of Health & Human Services or Department of Education. 

  • Projects duplicate other locally available services or resources.  

  • The project or initiative has commenced prior to the date on which the funds are released.  

  • Applications are for ongoing or recurrent funding. 

  • Previous funding received from council has not been acquitted satisfactorily. 


Writing a grant application can be daunting. The following documents and information will assist you with the grant writing process:  

Helpful Hints for Grant Writing(PDF, 183KB)

Community Grants Auspice Agreement(PDF, 101KB)

Community Grants Auspice Agreement(DOCX, 121KB)

Project Plan Template(PDF, 126KB)


Application Form

Before submitting your application, it is helpful if you:

  1. Check that you meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Speak to a member of the council's Community Development Team to ensure you are applying for the most suitable grant.
  3. Read the program guidelines to understand the application process and your obligations. 




The appropriate acquittal form will be available in your Smarty Grants account once you have received your funds. The form is due one month after the specified completion date detailed in your application form.   


Successful applications

2023/24 Round 2 

Group and Project Title

Project Description

Expected project outcomes


Community Renewal

The project will provide at least 3 community-based events on the WAMA site.

The events will enable all residents to increase socially connectedness across all age groups.

Great Western Futures Committee

Volunteer and New Residents Community Dinner

The Great Western Futures committee will hold a community dinner to bring all the community groups, members of the community and new residents together to celebrate all things Great Western.

A more socially connected community with increased capacity in community groups to sustain them into the future.

If successful, the dinner becomes an annual event.

Stawell Golf Club

Golfers get into the swing of Technology

A lightweight laptop and a Point of Sales System will be purchased to help with purchasing of food and beverages for events, sales of merchandise, memberships and tournament payments.

Equipment will support the strategic direction of the club to be more efficient and effective.

Swanwater West Cemetery Trust

Cemetery Enhancement Project

A pergola with a glass cabinet display will be built to house the history of the cemetery, a cemetery map, and a burial list that directs visitors to the desired plot.

Improve visitor experience to cemetery.

Promote interest in our local history and genecology.

Stawell Community Garden

More garden beds, more members

Four new raised wicking garden beds will be built  in the remaining space at the garden.

Improved facilities.

Increase membership of the garden, for all including PALM scheme workers.

Increase social connectivity.

Paradise Hall

Restumping Paradise

Purchase and replace 55 stumps around the outer wall of the hall with adjustable steel units to re-level the building where time has pressed the original timber stumps into the ground.

Secure a long and viable structural future for the hall.

St Arnaud Mechanic's Institute

Verandah Repair Stage 1

Repair of the verandah posts and foundations to enhance and make safe, the external aspect of the building, so the area can be utilised again.

Reinstate the posts and footing to a safe and original look.

To attract more community groups and individuals to use our facilities, whilst the current users will have reconnected and recommenced their classes through utilising the repaired space.

Halls Gap Residents and Ratepayers

Community Fitness Program

Rejuvenating the existing exercise equipment and grounds and conducting a community fitness program.

High level of participation in the community fitness program.

Commitment from participants to continue with community-based exercise after the program ends.

St Arnaud Band Hall

Refurbishment - plumbing upgrade for kitchen

To upgrade the plumbing to the kitchen in the Band Hall which will enable fresh town water to the sink.

To have a functional kitchen with fresh clean water.

To have the stove installed.

Concongella Hall

Rejuvenation Project 1

This project will upgrade the kitchen tank stand at the Concongella Hall and replace the decommissioned leaking tin tank with a new plastic tank.

Water security for community members utilising the hall.

Safe environment for community users of the hall.

St Arnaud Rifle Club

Clubroom Restoration

Repair the horizontal support beams that are degrading the building's structural integrity and impacting the safety of our club members and security of the equipment stored in the clubroom.

To have a safe clubroom that club members can use for club events and competitions.

To cater for those events with a kitchen area that can be kept clean of rodent mess.

To have safer equipment storage for the club.

Snappy Gappians

Halls Gap Community Connections Program

Over the course of 2024 the Snappy Gappians will facilitate a program of four community events within Halls Gap.

To increase social connection and resilience across the Halls Gap community.‍