Community Events Grant Program

About the Events Grants Program

Council is committed to support smaller local events of up to approximately 500 people.

The Community Events grants program will support and encourage community events which will:  

  • Build community capacity 

  • Foster local talent and recognise artistic and cultural strengths within the municipality 

  • Attract youth and support cultural diversity 

  • Increase participation in and collaboration of the arts in the Northern Grampians Shire 

  • Build an inclusive creative community through participation  

  • Activate town centres and rural communities 

Available Funding 

Applications for community event funding can be up to $3000 annually.  


Grants are open during the 2021/22 financial year until expended. 





Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for events funding, applicants must:

  • Be a not for profit or incorporated body.  

  • Have completed the first stage of the NGSC Events Registration form.  

  • Be able to demonstrate financial viability and competence. 

  • Not already receive substantial support from Council. 

  • Be based in, or demonstrate their event has a direct benefit to the residents of, the Northern Grampians Shire.  

  • Be able to be compliant with Councils regulatory requirements.  

  • Provide evidence of Liability Insurance. Events, activities, or construction that have a likelihood of causing damage or personal injury must have public liability insurance (of at least $20 million). Other amounts will be considered where there is no likelihood of damage or injury.  

 Applicants will not be eligible if:

  • Organisations or groups are based outside the Northern Grampians Shire, unless the event can be proven to still have benefit to residents of Northern Grampians Shire.  

  • Applicants have received grants funding within the same financial year. 

  • They are an individual applying for funds.  

  • The funding is clearly the responsibility of spheres of other Government departments i.e., Arts Victoria  

  • The event duplicates other local events.  

  • The event has commenced prior to the date on which the funds are released.  

  • The funds are to be used for ongoing or recurrent operations including wages (Professional services that support project capacity building i.e., Consultant fees, professional services, service, or product contractors that directly benefit the project will be considered) 

  • Previous funding received from Council has not been satisfactorily acquitted. 


Application Forms 

Before completing your event grant application you must:

  1. Speak to a member of the council's Community Development Team.
  2. Read the program guidelines and use the assessment criteria to guide your application. 
  3. Meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the application guidelines.

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Applicants are required to provide an event funding acquittal report within three months from completion of the event.

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