Community Grants Program

Round 2 Grants 2020/21 - Closed                                                                                                             

Round 1 Grants 2021/22 - Open Early October 2021

Community grants support locally based projects that can demonstrate a positive impact on health, wellbeing and community participation. Council is seeking applications from community not for profit organisations and groups that:

  • encourage healthy eating

  • promote active living

  • improve mental wellbeing

  • prevent physical violence and related injury

  • support early years development (0-12 years)

  • reduce waste and community environmental initiatives

Grant value

Up to $5,000


Purpose of Arts and Culture Community Grants

Arts and Culture Community Grants support locally based projects that:

  • promote local participation in arts and culture

  • support and raise the profile of local creative talent 

  • capitalise on the unique place where art is created

Grant value

Up to $3,000





Eligibility criteria

All applications must:

  • be managed through a legal entity such as an incorporated association, registered business or sole trader 

  • be able to match the grant amount either in cash and/or through in-kind labour and material

  • be able to demonstrate financial viability and competence

  • be based in, and provide a direct benefit to the residents of, the Northern Grampians Shire 

  • not already receive substantial support from council 

Applications will not be eligible if:

  • organisations are based outside the Northern Grampians Shire, unless the project can be proven to still have benefit to residents of Northern Grampians Shire 

  • applicants have received grants funding within the same financial year

  • applicant is an individual applying for a grant (not applicable for Arts and Culture)

  • applicants cannot demonstrate their own contribution to the project through funds, fundraising, sponsorship or in kind support

  • the funding is clearly the responsibility of other spheres of Government eg. Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Education, Arts Victoria 

  • projects duplicate other locally available services and resources 

  • the project has commenced prior to the date on which the funds are released 

  • applications are for ongoing or recurrent funding

  • previous funding received from council has not been acquitted satisfactorily 




A grant acquittal must be submitted to council one month after completion of the project. The report is to include details of the success of the project, photos of the completed project and an income and expenditure statement detailing the grant from council and how this was expended.

Community grant acquittal >>

Grant Recipients from Round 1, 2020/21

St. Arnaud Citizens Band Inc for the St Arnaud Band Hall refurbishment

Stawell Primary School for hands free water stations (part funded)

Stawell Gymnastics Club Inc. for Free G, Baby Gym, Move My Way & Fitter for Life gymnastics program

Ararat and Stawell Archer Inc. for off grid solar power system to clubrooms

Wallaloo Golf Club for a new kitchen renovation

Stawell Golf Club Inc. for new golf clubs and bags (part funded)

Paradise Hall Committee Inc. for a new switchboard

Raillery Hub Inc. for new artwork displays (part funded)

Marnoo Hall Inc. for kitchen hygiene upgrade