Skate Park Redevelopment


The project, which started as a priority project of the Northern Grampians Youth Strategy in 2014, followed by suitable site reviews in 2019, design in 2022 and construction in April 2023, has seen a major redevelopment to deliver a modern space at the Stawell skate park that will better serve the community for years to come.  

The new skate park caters for both new users with areas for them to learn new skills and experienced users with space for them to perform and refine their skate tricks. It’s a fantastic addition to Stawell’s North Park precinct. 


Project timelines

Step 1.Public survey released for broader community comment 

9 June - 23 June 2022.

Step 2.Stawell Skate Park Working Group Meeting

Review community feedback and endorse any changes to current concept design. 

Late June 2022.

Step 3.Final design of Skate Park and tender specifications

End of June 2022.

Step 4.Tender for construction

Open throughout July for all skate park construction companies as part of normal competitive tender process.

Step 5.Council decision on tender

5 September 2022. 

Step 6.Construction start

April 2023 and completed August 2023.




Engagement Timeline

Step 1.Consultation workshop

September 2019.

Step 2.Concept design on site session

December 2020.

Step 3.Design drafted and grant applications

January 2021 - December 2021.

Step 4.Site visit with Enlocus to review design

December 2021.

Step 5.Community onsite information sessions

30 March 2022.

Step 6.Working group formed for Stawell skate park redevelopment

April 2022.

Step 7.Working group first meeting

17 May 2022.

Step 8.Community survey for feedback about concept design

June 2022.

Step 9.Working group second meeting to review community suggestions from survey

End of June 2022.

Step 10.Working group meetings

Working group to meet at least four times between the start of the project and the finish of the project.

The group is to provide input and support responsibilities for organising the opening event in 2023 and ongoing programming ideas for the future use of the facility.