Review of Dog Off Leash Areas and Cat Control

The council has sought feedback from anyone in the community to understand if the current arrangements are suitable or if changes are needed. You do not need to own a dog or cat to have your say. 

What is the purpose of the review?

In adopting the Order of Council and General Local Law, Council committed to undertaking a review to ensure they are appropriate and consistent with community expectations.

How does this review affect me?

Whether or not you own a dog or cat, the orders set by the council will specify what dog and cat owners must do to control their animals in a public place. Everyone in the community could be affected in some way.

How can I have my say?

This survey has closed.


Step 1.Review commenced

June 2023

Step 2.Community feedback sought

July 2023

Step 3.Draft Dog and Cat Orders

August / September 2023

Step 4.New Dog and Cat Orders adopted by Council

October 2023


What is the current situation?

In August 2022, Council adopted an Order of Council that prescribed the following areas as designated dog off-leash areas:


Dog owners were also required to comply with other requirements as noted in the attached order(PDF, 2MB).

General Local Law 2022 was also adopted in August 2022. Clause 34(PDF, 146KB) states that cats must not be kept in Halls Gap.