Navarre Community Plan


About the Community Plan 

The Navarre Community Plan (the Plan) provides ideas, activities, and actions to guide the direction for community-led initiatives and alignment to council's strategic plans, and guide vision making for infrastructure, community programs, and service delivery until June 2025.

Council and community share ownership and responsibility of the Plan, providing context for focused effort and investment in time, money and resources. Underpinning the development to the Plan is the sentiment that locally developed solutions are essential for successful projects. 

As members of the community articulated at a community meeting the purpose of the Plan is to:

  • Move the township and community forward into a stronger and vital component of the shire.
  • Develop a focused direction from the community for the community.
  • Keep the town going ahead and attract people to the town. 

Navarre residents display a profound sense of community spirit, shown by how the community works together to get things done and the caring nature shown towards each other especially in times of adversity. The generational influence in passing down acceptable behaviour and traditions remains strong and has directed how the town functions and operates today.

Although there is concern in Navarre that the population is ageing, and employment opportunities, housing and transport options are limited, Navarre has many opportunities such as tourism, expansion of the shop, possibilities of local and regional events, growth of the primary school with before and after school care and a first-class sporting facility.

Current projects under way 

  • Shade sail design and installation at the Navarre Community Park.

Project Information

1. Shade sail design and installation 

Shade Sail installation at Navarre Community Park is progressing. 
With the involvement of a small community group and broader community consultation the following has been decided.
Installation of two 10-metre x 8-metre triangular sails on five poles. This will allow for shade over the picnic table and over some of the playground.
The posts will be galvanised and sails manor red and cream. 
Council will need to trim one of the larger trees and also remove or relocate one of the rocking horses to accommodate the installation. 
For queries, concerns or ideas contact Sean Daley at or 03 5358 0560 and Rachel Whittaker at or 0408 787 813. 



Depending on the projects being implemented, full community engagement may or may not be needed. 

There have been opportunities for community members to provide input into the projects being implemented currently in Navarre. 

Completed projects

  • The Landcare notice board has been refurbished and moved to a more accessible location in the Navarre Store courtyard. The notice board will be used for council and community information sharing.