Multicultural Action Plan

The NGSC is developing a Multicultural Action Plan (MAP) that wants to provide a positive place for people of all cultures, backgrounds, and faiths and it aligns with the Multicultural Victoria Act 2011 which recognises and values multiculturalism.  

The Multicultural Action Plan is about: 

  • embracing and celebrating diversity 
  • promoting and increasing social and civic participation, and  
  • creating an inclusive and welcoming community of people from all cultures, backgrounds, and faiths. 

We welcome everyone to complete the MAP survey, which will take approximately five minutes.  

Your participation in the survey is very important to help us promote actions that will make NGSC a more welcoming and inclusive city by embracing multiculturalism. 



Step 1.Survey commences

25 September 2023

Step 2.Survey closes

16 October 2023

Step 3.Survey analysis and community update on results

November 2023

Step 4.Draft Multicultural Action Plan

January 2024

Step 5.Final Multicultural Action Plan

March 2024 


The survey is now open and will take approximately 5 minutes.

Click here for the survey