Kooreh Road Bridge Upgrade

What’s Happening?

Kooreh Road will be closed to traffic at the bridge crossing by Carapooee Creek from early March to June 2024.




Alternate route around the site will be via St Arnaud




Access to properties on Kooreh Road between Wimmera Highway and Dunolly Road can detour via Carapooee Road as well.




Why is Kooreh Road being closed?

The bridge crossing Carapooee Creek was constructed in 1966 and was designed to accommodate vehicles up to a 32-tonne truck. Modern vehicles are heavier and longer so the bridge needs to be strengthened and widened to accommodate the larger vehicles. Once complete, the bridge will be capable of supporting two A-Double trucks using the crossing at the same time at 100 km/hr.  


These works will require the disassembly of the bridge superstructure meaning that vehicles won’t be able to use the crossing until the bridgeworks are mostly complete. The works are planned to start from early March and residents may have already seen some pre-work activities occurring already.


Roadworks will commence once the bridge has been mostly completed and the road will reopen for use with traffic management in place.


The budgeted amount for this project is $428,000.


Where can I get more information?

The bridge and road drawings are available on the right-hand side of this page as are the details for contacting us.