Great Western Football and Netball Club Pavilion Upgrade

Pavilion Concept.jpg

The Great Western Oval Clubroom Upgrade project is an outcome of the Great Western Future Plan 2014-24 and the Great Western Redevelopment Master Plan 2018-28.

The Great Western Football Netball Club has been a part of the Great Western community for over 100 years and is critical to keeping it vibrant and strong. The existing pavilion no longer meets the needs of the club or community and requires an upgrade to ensure long-term sustainability. The proposed works would conform to AFL, Cricket Australia and Netball Victoria facility standards and incorporate the following works:

  • Refurbish the existing function room, canteen/kitchen, bar and accessible public toilets.
  • Extend the function room into the Home changerooms and refurbish the area.
  • Refurbish the changerooms and ensure suitability for both female and male players.
  • Construct trainer/medical room off the extended function room.
  • Refurbish and enlarge the umpire rooms and ensure suitability for both female and male umpires.
  • Extend the pavilion to provide additional storage, office areas, and larger undercover spectator area.




The need for a pavilion upgrade was identified as a priority within the Great Western Public Park and Gardens Reserve Redevelopment Master plan 2018-28 and the Council Action Plan 2023-24. The existing clubroom and available amenities did not meet AFL Victoria, Cricket Victoria and Netball Victoria standards, particularly changeroom accessibility requirements. 

Northern Grampians Shire Council worked with the Great Western Football Netball Club on a concept design of the facility for an area schedule. This concept design was used to advocate for project funding.

The final design is likely to differ from the original concept design once stakeholder consultation, regarding design and construction, commences in February 2023. 







Step 1.AFL Victoria Audit: completed June 2017

Step 2.Great Western Public Park and Gardens Reserve Redevelopment Masterplan 2018-28: completed March 2018.

Step 3.Netball Victoria Strategy: 2018

Step 4.Great Western Football Netball Club consultation: 2018-2022

Step 5.Advocacy for funding: 2019-2022 

State Government Funding: announced July 2022

Meeting between Council and Great Western Football Netball Club: August 2022

Step 6.Establishment of formal funding agreement with Victorian State Government: 31 October 2022


Next Steps

Formation of Project Working Groups and Stakeholders

Northern Grampians Shire Council, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Netball Victoria, AFL Victoria, Cricket Victoria, and community user groups of the Great Western Recreation Reserve, to progress the project.

Finalise Schematic Design

The Schematic Design will be a collaborative design created with input from AFL, Netball Victoria, Cricket Victoria, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Northern Grampians Shire Council, and local clubs, by July 2023.

Construction Timeline

Following finalisation of the design, council will be in a position to progress to construction through the normal procurement process. It is anticipated, at this stage, that construction will commence in September 2023 with completion by March 2025. The actual dates will be confirmed as the project reaches specific milestones and the relative project working groups will be fully included and updated during this period.