Enabling Public Art 2023

Council wants to enable the installation of public art, including murals, across the shire. This includes encouraging community participation in the design and delivery of public art. To do this council has updated the:

  • Arts and Culture Policy 2020-24
  • Public Art Guidelines 2023 and
  • Arts and Culture Grant Guidelines.
We sought feedback on
  • what the community thinks the council should do to encourage public art across the shire
  • what the community thinks of the new Public Art Guidelines 2023

Public comment closed on 7 August 2023.

The changes we are proposing will mean that the community can get involved in public art in more ways. These include:

  • joining the Public Art Advisory Group
  • applying for an Arts and Culture Grant to design or deliver a piece of public art.

You can still join the Public Art Advisory Group. For more information email tina.baker@ngshire.vic.gov.au or calling 03 5358 8772 before 31 August 2023.

17July - 7 August 2023 - Now closed.

4 September 2023

8 September 2023