Forward Advocacy Plan


The Forward Advocacy Plan has been developed to clearly articulate and gain consensus on a forward advocacy agenda that comprises both project and policy-oriented advocacy actions in a single document.

The Forward Advocacy Plan outlines the strategic context to advocacy at Northern Grampians Shire Council. It connects the advocacy priorities to the Shire Vision 2021-41 and then identifies advocacy actions related to these and the council goals in the Council Plan 2021-25


Forward Advocacy Plan

The Forward Advocacy Plan provides the Northern Grampians Shire community and all levels of government with an up-to-date insight into what council's project and policy driven advocacy looks like so as to enable a more active role in advocacy to be achieved.

Each advocacy action is accompanied by an Advocacy One Pager which summarises the context, data and/or intended outcomes, related council strategies, and funding ask (where appropriate).  

The Forward Advocacy Plan and Advocacy One Pager are available to download from this page. 

Advocacy Priorities and Action

The Forward Advocacy Program consists of the following advocacy priorities and related advocacy actions. A summary of each advocacy action is available to download, where indicated.

Building More Housing

  1. Advocate for infrastructure that enables housing investment(PDF, 99KB)

Growing Local Business

  1. Advocate for funding the Halls Gap Heath Street Bridge(PDF, 91KB)
  2. Advocate for the Halls Gap Laneway Upgrade(PDF, 91KB)
  3. Advocate for an outer township gateway at the proposed London Road intersection in Stawell

Boosting Tourism

  1. Advocate for infrastructure and workforce to ensure a quality tourism experience

Wellness and Welfare

  1. Advocate for infrastructure that enables wellness and welfare(PDF, 43KB)
  2. Advocate for Central Park Netball Courts and Changerooms
  3. [FUNDED] Advocate for the Lord Nelson Park Sports Oval Lighting Upgrade(PDF, 94KB)
  4. Advocate for funding of the Navarre Recreation Reserve Facility Upgrades(PDF, 82KB)
  5. [FUNDED] Advocate for funding of the North Park Precinct Skate Park detailed design(PDF, 131KB)
  6. [FUNDED] Advocate for the North Park Precinct Soccer Lighting(PDF, 87KB)
  7. [FUNDED] Advocate for funding and delivery of Great Western Football and Netball Clubrooms(PDF, 134KB)
  8. Advocate for upgrades to the Big Hill Precinct Lookout(PDF, 88KB)
  9. Advocate for the renewal of St Arnaud Pool(PDF, 95KB)

Improving Connectivity

  1. Advocate for the realignment of the Lake Road level crossing
  2. Advocate for implementation of key recommendations in the Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Digital Plan(PDF, 87KB)
  3. Advocate for upgrades to Stawell Airport(PDF, 96KB)

Advancing Education

  1. Advocate for improvements to the accessibility of education opportunities available in Northern Grampians Shire

Protecting the Natural Environment

  1. Advocate for renewable energy solutions

Being a Better Council

  1. Advocate for improvements to systems, processes and approach to improve customer and council interaction(PDF, 102KB)