St Arnaud Place Branding


Why do we need a story?

St Arnaud is an important destination in the Northern Grampians region, but the lack of a strong brand story means that the experiences and environment that we have on offer are not always noticed. 

The aim of this project is to develop a distinct identity for St Arnaud, value propositions and an authentic and compelling brand story. By developing these, the individual qualities of the town and its surrounds will provide visitors and locals with the awareness and inspiration to appreciate, celebrate and build upon the unique tourism value that St Arnaud has to offer. 

This project should also offer the opportunity to develop and align promotion alongside the Northern Grampians and Grampians as a whole.

Project Considerations

Council wants to ensure that the work we do offers both longevity and flexibility for the future growth of St Arnaud and the wider Northern Grampians region. In order to achieve this, we must look beyond what St Arnaud can offer today and consider all future possibilities. 

As a sub-region of the Grampians, it is important to consider how the St Arnaud brand connects to and evolves alongside the story being told by Visit Grampians, both strategically and visually. Any potential audience should have a smooth and clear experience when learning about St Arnaud in the context of the broader region. 


Community Engagement

Community Engagement carried out to date:

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 - Discovery Workshop

Tuesday, 20 December 2022 - Brand Positioning Presentation and Community Engagement 

Wednesday, 15 February, to Wednesday, 15 March 2023 - Brand Concept Community Consultation 





Step 1.Planning - Project Kick Off

October 2022

Step 2.Discovery - Audit and Insights

October - November 2022

Step 3.Brand Positioning - Community Engagement Discovery Workshop

November 2022

Step 4.Brand Positioning Presentation and Community Engagement 

November - December 2022

Step 5.Brand Identity Development

January - February 2023

Step 6.Brand Identity Concept Community Consultation

February - March 2023

Step 7.Brand Finalisation and Delivery of Brand Toolkit

April - May 2023

Project Objectives

  • Increase destination awareness of St Arnaud through quality communication and the development of a unique place brand.
  • Showcase the unique offering in St Arnaud.
  • Improve the region's digital presence.
  • Drive visitation all year round and extend length of stay.
  • Increase dispersal around the region.
  • Increase revenue from the visitor economy in local towns.
  • Create a sense of pride for the community and business owners.



Community engagement work was undertaken in 2019 to create the St Arnaud Community Plan 2020-30.

The need to grow tourism in St Arnaud was highlighted as a result of this work, with the St Arnaud Tourism Strategy then identified by the community as a priority project.

The St Arnaud Tourism Strategy project was planned so as to co-ordinate and capitalise on the existing assets of St Arnaud and surrounds. These assets include the gold mine trail, heritage buildings, Indigenous heritage, Chinese heritage, historic sites, silo art, murals, exhibitions, parks, and gardens. 

The Council Plan 2021-25 action to Deliver a St Arnaud Tourism Action Plan covers this work.

The St Arnaud Tourism Action Plan project also aligns with the Northern Grampians Shire Council's Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2021-31. With a well-planned local tourism strategy, a high-quality visitor experience can significantly benefit the local economy.   

Between December 2021 – April 2022, council worked with the community of St Arnaud to deliver 10-year Tourism Strategies and Action Plans.

In July 2022, council adopted the St Arnaud Strategy and Action Plan.  


What is a place brand?

A place brand incorporates the identity of our individual communities, who we are and our unique stories.

It is the value people get from the town; functionally, emotionally and socially.

It offers an opportunity to associate a feeling with a place.

A strong place brand applied across our tourism industry increases the chances of travelers choosing our region over others for their next holiday, attracting them to stay longer, experience more and return again.

It is different to the corporate branding of the organisation who manage/promote the brand.