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Walkers Lake

Recreational, social and cultural heritage significance

Walkers Lake

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Walkers Lake

The Walkers Lake Management Plan (the Plan) identifies five strategic areas of community recreation and built environment, cultural heritage, biodiversity and natural environment, tourism and economic and water supply.

In 2019, council endorsed the long term Walkers Lake Management Plan 2019-29. Council works in partnership with the community through the Walkers Lake Advisory Group to develop annual action plans in line with the strategic management plan. 

Walkers Lake Management Plan 2019-29(PDF, 8MB)

Lake Batyo Catyo

Lake Batyo Catyo is part of the Avon Plains Lakes system. In 1961, it was modified to become a water storage for the Avon Richardson system and became a significant recreational lake and was widely used by locals and visitors to the district.

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline was completed in 2010 and resulted in water savings making Lake Batyo Catyo water storage unnecessary.

In 2012, the diversion rules from the Richardson River were changed so that no water was to be diverted into Lake Batyo Catyo and the inflow channel at Rich Avon Weir was permanently closed to ensure that Richardson River flows do not enter the lake.

A group of residents from St Arnaud and surrounding districts have formed to create the Avon Plains Lakes Association Inc. to investigate alternative opportunities to the management of the lake. 

Teddington Reservoir

The Stuart Mill community is advocating for the necessary repairs required to the Teddington No.1 Reservoir. Council is supporting the local community in the advocacy efforts to Parks Victoria.