Greening St Arnaud

The project is about enhancing the local water system to reuse and recycle more water and green local open spaces.

 Pioneer Park

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Project Overview

St Arnaud's stormwater harvesting system is unreliable and does not always provide enough water to irrigate the township's green spaces. 

Council has received funding through the Integrated Water Management (IWM) - Resilient and Liveable Cities and Towns Program through DELWP. The project is to connect to Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water's reclaimed water supply line making it possible to deliver reclaimed water to the Goldfields Reservoir to supply St Arnaud's urban irrigation reuse system. 

A significant quantity (up to 40 ML/year) of reclaimed water could be transferred from the winter storage at GWMWater's wastewater treatment plant to top up the harvested stormwater at the Goldfields Reservoir for reuse on council green spaces. 

The Greening St Arnaud project will provide water to the following green spaces:

  • Queen Mary Botanic Gardens
  • St Arnaud Town Hall
  • Bicentennial Park
  • King George's Park
  • Market Square
  • Pioneer Park