St Arnaud Swimming Pool


Seasonal aquatics precinct

St Arnaud Swimming Pool  

Explore this section to read about the works completed at the St Arnaud Swimming pool, and what is planned into the future.

Projects Achieved

Council operates the St Arnaud seasonal outdoor pool. Maintenance and upgrade requirements are significant for the ageing asset. 

Projects undertaken to date include:

  • Toddler pool fencing
  • Toddler pool shade replacement
  • Shade sails installed in the general area
  • Pool painting
  • Balance tank repairs
  • Pool plant upgrades
  • Amenity upgrades
  • Storage area
  • Surrounds upgrade including watering system

The St Arnaud community is incredibly passionate about the seasonal pool, and it is widely used throughout the summer period. 

Future planned projects will be delivered in partnership between council and the community.

Future Projects

Pool deck shaded area and pool cover

Pool deck shade design and pool cover project finalise: January 2021

Estimated delivery: 2021/22

*Note Funding is required to undertake this project and both the community and council are active in advocacy and funding application to complete this project. The St Arnaud Community Action Network (SCAN) is the community lead group for this project.