Northern Grampians Heritage Asset Protection

Northern Grampians Shire Council is committed to protecting heritage assets in the shire. These assets have historical value and significance, drive tourism to our towns and are key to the stories of our towns and communities. The multi-phase process of protecting heritage involves several rounds of evidence gathering and engagement. The focus in the 2022/2023 financial year will be to protect high value heritage in the main streets of St Arnaud and Stawell.
Council is currently at Phase 1 - Reviewing the Environmental Thematic History, with consultation open until 31 January 2023.



Phase 1 - Review Environmental Thematic History

Northern Grampians Shire Council is currently looking for new and updated evidence, which may have arisen from 2004 onwards, to be provided to council for consideration for inclusion into Environmental Thematic History. It is important that any feedback provided is sourced with relevant evidence attached to ensure it is considered for inclusion.
Council acknowledges that there was a lack of information regarding Indigenous cultural history and heritage in the 2004 study. Council is currently seeking information from all relevant Aboriginal Land Councils to include in the revised edition. This is an important opportunity to represent and to celebrate the cultural heritage of the shire.

Please read the Draft NGS Heritage Study document(PDF, 105MB) and provide updated information, relevant comments and feedback through this survey here. The survey closes 31 January 2023.

Phase 2 - Statements of Significance Update for Main Streets

The second stage involves creating or updating Statements of Significance for individual buildings and precincts in the shire.

Council will focus on the Stawell and St Arnaud main streets as these host the largest concentration of heritage value, as well as having the highest visibility for both locals and tourists.

The process of updating Statements of Significance will involve several stages of evidence gathering and engagement with the community. During this process we will source evidence and commentary on the buildings and precincts, as well as explain and offer awareness about why council is protecting these assets and how this might impact business and landowners.

It is expected that this phase will start in early 2023.

Phase 3 - Implementing Heritage Overlays for Main Streets

Providing Statements of Significance and a solid evidence base, council will seek to amend the Plannings Scheme with a Heritage Overlay to protect relevant buildings and precincts. This will ensure that these assets will continue to connect our communities to the rich history of each town, provide ongoing value, and offer further cultural and historical incentive for tourists to visit.

Whilst dependent on the completion of Phase 2, the third and final phase of this process is expected to begin in early 2024.