Arts and Culture Policy and Strategy: Creative Connected Communities

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Council is undertaking an exciting community engagement project to obtain feedback on both the new draft Arts and Culture Policy 2020(PDF, 680KB) and the draft Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-24(PDF, 2MB).

The Arts and Culture Policy and Strategy: Connected Creative Communities gives the opportunity for community comment on the policy and strategy. The draft Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-24 seeks to build vibrant and connected communities through arts and culture. Community feedback will inform future arts and culture programs and activities in the shire.

Background Information

The Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-24 is based on the findings of a report Arts and Culture Audit and Opportunities Report 2016 which was undertaken by Regional Arts Victoria on behalf of council.  The strategy is a fresh look at the outdated Arts and Culture Strategy 2008-2012

The Arts and Culture Policy 2020 also includes a Public Art Policy and is a completely new document for the council.

Engagement Timeline

Step 1.Community Engagement: July - August

Community members are encouraged to participate in engagement activities including the online survey, attend a community forum (TBC) or provide an individual or group submission.

Read and comment on the draft Arts and Culture Policy 2020.

Read and comment on the draft Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-24.

Step 2.Community Survey: July - August

The survey will be made available online.

Step 3.Interactive mapping tool: July - August

Drop a pin on the Pozi map detailing the location of potential arts and culture activities/project and ideas.

Step 4.Individual Group written submissions: July - August

Written submissions from groups, associations, organisations and individuals are welcome in hard copy to the Stawell Town Hall. Email your feedback to  or post to PO Box 580 Stawell 3380.

Step 5.Community Forums: July - August

A series of forums for stakeholders and community will be hosted.

Project Timeline

Step 1.Draft new policy and strategy

March - April 2020

Step 2.Community engagement

July - August 2020

Step 3.Review and present policy and strategy to council for endorsement

September - October 2020

Three key outcomes we are aiming to achieve are:

  • A vibrant and inclusive creative community through participation in the arts.
  • A connected reputable arts community by raising the profile of the arts and artists.
  • Thriving town centres and rural communities.

The strategy is supported by the draft Arts and Culture Policy 2020 which aims to:

  • Support local creative talent – creating more opportunities to produce and present great work
  • Strengthen the creative industries ecosystem – building capability and conditions for growth
  • Deliver wider economic and social impacts – stimulating innovation and wider creative impact Increase participation and access – engaging more local residents in cultural and creative endeavours
  • Protect and preserve public arts and cultural assets -  maintain community assets and the NGSC Historical Assets Register  

Please Have Your Say on any or all of the draft documents by 5pm Tuesday 18 August 2020. You can complete the online survey, drop a pin on the map with your locations and ideas, email your feedback to or post to PO Box 580 Stawell 3380.

Why is council doing this work?

Council has an outdated arts and culture strategy. Feedback on the new policy and strategy will inform future arts and culture activities, events and projects in the shire.

I have an idea for a project. Who do I contact?

That’s great! Let us know by contacting

I am not an artist. Can I still be involved?

Absolutely. Part of our strategy is to boost participation so everyone is welcome.

How can I keep up to date with what’s happening in the Art and Culture space?

You can contact Tina Baker who is the Community Engagement Officer responsible for arts and culture at

What’s the difference between a policy and a strategy?

The Arts and Culture Policy 2020 provides a framework that defines council's position in the future planning, delivery and management of art and culture works, assets and programs. 

The Art and Culture Strategy 2020-24 is the way we are going to implement the policy through local programs.