Remembering Stella Young Sculpture Goes For Bronze

Published on 26 October 2022

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Remembering Stella Young Sculpture Goes For Bronze

A sculpture of Stella Young has been delivered to Perrin Sculpture Foundry where it will be cast in bronze before returning to Stawell for installation at Cato Park. Lynne Young, Stella’s mother, worked alongside local sculptor, Danny Fraser, to add finishing touches to the life-size clay and steel model. The completed bronze statue is scheduled for installation early next year and will be celebrated with an unveiling event.

Stella Young’s parents, Lynne and Greg Young, were both closely involved in the development and design of the monument for their daughter, Stella. Numerous visits to Danny Fraser’s workshop in Pomonal provided the opportunity to open discussion surrounding fine detail and the personal characteristics that life-like pieces require.  As a former hairdresser, Lynne was able to provide invaluable advice about how Stella would style her hair, in addition to those finer details that only a parent, or someone close, can provide.

The process of creating a cast-ready sculpture has been complex. The locally made model was created in three separate pieces, Stella, her seat, and the wheelchair base. Supporting safety moulds were then created to surround the work during transportation from Pomonal to Perrin Foundry in Melbourne.

“I think it’s just amazing,” commented Lynne, after the finishing touches were made.

Northern Grampians Shire Council Mayor, Murray Emerson, is proud of the work done so far, believing that the Remembering Stella Young project will be something that whole community can be proud of as a unique collaboration between Stella’s parents, Danny Fraser, and two collectives of women with a lived experience of disability.

“We are seeing the project really coming together, with the statue ready to be cast and site upgrades to Cato Park in the early planning stages. The collaborators have provided creative input and site access information which will enable us to deliver a statue that will be accessible to a broad range of people.” Cr Emerson added.

The Remembering Stella Young project is supported by the Victorian Government.

For further information about the project visit Remembering Stella Young (

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