Double dose vaccination requirements for Council Services

Published on 21 October 2021


In line with the Victorian State Government’s Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan, Northern Grampians Shire Council is responding to government directives and implementing a plan to ensure that only patrons with proof of double vaccination may use a specified list of council premises. This plan will come into effect on Thursday 21 October at 11.59pm.

Council services requiring proof of double vaccination prior to entering a facility include:


Facilities affected

Leisure Services

  • Stawell Sports and Aquatic Centre
  • St Arnaud Pool

Early Years Services

  • St Arnaud Early Learning Centre
  • Maternal and Child Health

Council Facilities

  • Senior Citizens clubs, Stawell and St Arnaud
  • Council chambers

Library Services

  • Stawell library
  • St Arnaud library

Council staff will place signage at the entry to any premises or event where proof of vaccination will be required.

Our customer service centres at St Arnaud Town Hall and Stawell Town Hall will not request proof of vaccination from community members prior to serving them; however, there will be no facility for unvaccinated community members to meet with staff or be provided with a council service from any other council officer beyond the initial point of enquiry with customer service. An example of this would be a request to meet with an officer to discuss a building or planning permit.

Council meetings or any council-run meeting scheduled with the public will be off limits to any person who does not hold proof of double vaccination.

Council will accept two types of proof of double vaccination as valid:

  1. A paper copy of the Australian Government (Services Australia) Medicare Immunisation history statement with the COVID-19 immunisation status ticked.
  2. Digital proof of vaccination via the Service Victoria check-in app or MyGov app.

At this stage of the Roadmap, the proof of vaccination request will apply to any person who is 16 years and above.

Council will have a zero tolerance policy to people who repudiate this plan. Any attempt by a community member to subvert its implementation or to verbally abuse or be aggressive in any way to council staff with regard to this request will be referred to Police Victoria.

Northern Grampians Shire Council Mayor, Cr Murray Emerson endorses Council’s action.

“Throughout the State of Emergency, Council has been responding to State and Federal government directives with regards to Coronavirus,” Cr Emerson said.

“This is just another step towards our society returning to normal and we expect, given that our shire is close to 95% single dose vaccinated, that very few residents will be affected and that the majority of our community will be wholly supportive of our request to only admit double dose vaccinated people into our facilities.”

“Our primary aim is to keep our community safe while we navigate through this public health emergency. At this point in the government Roadmap, we are focusing on the service sectors and council activities where we feel the greatest need to manage proof of vaccination.” 


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