New Mural to Add Impact to Remembering Stella Young Sculpture

Published on 06 December 2022

Stella Young Mural .jpg

Three young Stawell woman have added their creative talent to the ongoing Remembering Stella Young project, working alongside Creative Consultant Danny Fraser to paint a silhouette mural in honour of Stella Young in Stawell Pop Up Park.

Each with lived experience of disability, Lexi, Amber and Amarina, were proud to be able to use their creative talents to assist with a project that highlights the need for inclusion and acceptance in the community.

Adding another dimension to the Remembering Stella Young project, the mural is located in a high traffic area in the town centre of Stawell and features a silhouette of Stella Young alongside a quote selected by Stella’s parents, Lynne and Greg Young, emphasising Stella’s desire to live in a world where disability is not the exception but the norm.

Inviting visitors to contemplate their perception of disability, a plaque and QR code at the site will offer further information about Stella Young and the Remembering Stella Young project and direct visitors to head to Cato Park, where a statue of Stella Young Statue is to be installed.

The bronze statue of Stella Young is scheduled for installation at Cato Park in March 2023. "It’s fantastic to see our community come together to create and collaborate through art. This mural of Stella really strengthens the overall Remembering Stella Young project intent which is to celebrate, commemorate and remember Stella Young and her message".

The Remembering Stella Young project is supported by the Victorian Government.


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