Emergency Management

The Victorian Emergency Management Act 1986 requires that each municipal council prepares and maintains a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP). The Northern Grampians Shire MEMP includes strategies to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from emergencies which may occur within the Northern Grampians Shire and impact on residents and infrastructure.

The MEMP responds to the economic and social effects of emergencies, including loss of life, destruction of property and dislocation of individuals and communities.

The broad objectives of the plan are to:

  • Identify, treat and evaluate potential risks that could impact on the Northern Grampians Shire community. This includes pandemic, heatwave, fire management, and flood planning.
  • Implement measures to prevent or reduce the likelihood or consequences of those emergencies.
  • Detail arrangements for the provision of assistance to the community recovering from an emergency event.
  • Complement other local, regional and state planning arrangements.


The Northern Grampians Shire Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) is responsible for maintaining the MEMP. The NGS MEMPC includes the following membership:

  • NGSC Mayor (Chair) 
  • MERC - Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator (Victoria Police member)
  • MERO - Municipal Emergency Resource Officer (Council Representative)
  • MRM - Municipal Recovery Manager (Council Representative)
  • MEM - Municipal Emergency Manager (Council Representative)
  • EMO / MFPO - Emergency Management Officer / Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (Council Representative)
  • Local emergency service and agency representatives from VICSES, CFA, DELWP, Parks Victoria, Ambulance Victoria, VicRoads, Red Cross, DHHS, GWMWater, Wimmera CMA, and others as required.


Council's Emergency and After Hours Number is (03) 5358 8700.

Shire offices are open from Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) between 8.30a.m. and 4.45p.m.

Please address all correspondence to:

Chief Executive Officer.
P.O. Box 580, Stawell, VIC 3380.

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