Open air permit to burn

An Open Air Permit to Burn (under Council’s General Local Law 2012) is required to burn materials on land not zoned as rural living or farming outside the declared Fire Danger Period. These permits contain set conditions(PDF, 130KB) which must be adhered to and are put in place to ensure all burning of land and lighting of fires are done in a safe and controlled manner.

Burning in these zones is not permitted during the Fire Danger Period.

The Fire Danger Period in Northern Grampians Shire commences on Monday 18 November.

Rural Living and Farming Zones

Schedule 13 permits are required to burn grass and stubble for farming purposes in rural living and farming zones during the declared Fire Danger Period. Outside the declared Fire Danger Period, land in these zones is exempt from permit requirements. 

For information on Schedule 13 permits, go to page >>

More information on fire restrictions can be found on the Country Fire Authority's website