Aussie Kindies Early Learning Centre Stawell

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Aussie Kindies Stawell provides qualified educators and teachers who are trained in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum for ages zero  to five. They nurture a lifelong love of learning through a combination of play-based and intentional teaching experiences that help children develop social connectivity, emotional confidence, foundational learning, and physical health and wellbeing. 

The Early Learning Centre at Aussie Kindies Stawell features a range of inspiring environments for children to explore, including spacious outdoor play areas that encourage them to test their limits, build strength, and develop self-confidence. The center also offers a variety of incursions and excursions, covering topics such as fitness and health, animals and nature, and involvement in the larger community. Fresh and nutritious meals are provided to the children each day.

A dedicated Family Support Team is always available to answer any questions parents may have about the programs and services offered. Aussie Kindies Stawell believes that by working closely with families and communities, they can provide the best possible care and education for each child. 

For more information, please visit the Aussie Kindies Website:

The first step is to make contact with our centre and express your interest in enrolling with us.

It would be ideal if you are able to arrange a time to come into the centre for a tour, where our Centre Manager will show you around our facilities and you can meet our team. You can book a tour using the following link: book a tour

We will provide you with an application form and will be happy to guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have.

Please note that due to our high-quality facilities and individualised approach to your child's care and education, our centre is a popular choice in the local area and therefore there may be a waitlist. If necessary, we will explain the waitlist process and communicate with you regularly about your individual situation.