Eight Hour Banner, Stawell

"The Stawell AMA Banner is historically significant for its association with one of the earliest unions in Victoria, the AMA. The AMA became part of the AMAA, Australia's first intercolonial union in 1884. The Stawell AMA was established in February 1872 and was the second miners' union in Victoria, the first being Bendigo which was formed only one day earlier. The Stawell AMA Banner is important in demonstrating the union's political and social aspirations as well as the non-oppositional labour and capital ethos that was the defining feature of the first Australian gold mining unions. It is also important for its association with the Eight Hour Day Movement, one of the most significant nineteenth century industrial reforms." From VHD listing report at VHD (heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au)

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Eight Hour Banner, Stawell.jpg

Eight Hour Banner, Stawell.