There are seven Northern Grampians Shire Councillors who are democratically elected by the residents and ratepayers of Northern Grampians Shire.  The shire is broken into four wards, Kara Kara, Central, Stawell and South West.

Our Councillors have taken an Oath of Office to carry out their role impartially, to the best of their ability, and in the best interests of the municipality.

Our Councillors are dedicated to representing the interests of residents and ratepayers. They provide leadership and guidance, and exist to improve communication between the community and Council.

Councillors have no direct authority over Council employees and do not hire staff. The exception is the employment of the Chief Executive Officer. As part of the Council, a Councillor may also review the performance of the CEO.

Councillors make decisions as members of "the Council" at formal Council meetings. Actions occur after a majority vote decision of the Council or of a formally delegated committee. As an individual, neither the Mayor nor a Councillor has the authority to act or make decisions on behalf of the Council or its staff.

Councillors must attend Council meetings. (If a Councillor is absent without leave from the Council for four consecutive ordinary meetings, he or she ceases to be a Councillor).

Councillors are also subject to a Councillor Code of Conduct . The Code is reviewed within four months of each general election.