Dedicated Volunteers Help Stawell and St Arnaud Tourism Shine Bright

Published on 19 December 2023

Visitor Information Centres in Stawell and St Arnaud are now open seven days a week thanks to a dedicated and knowledgeable roster of volunteer staff. Northern Grampians Shire Council marked the momentous occasion with a celebratory tour of the region, showcasing the rich tapestry of attractions that Northern Grampians has to offer.  

Local expertise is an essential aspect of both the Stawell and St Arnaud Visitor Information Centres, with the warm character of volunteers and their shared love for the region offering visitors invaluable insight and the encouragement needed to explore further afield.  

The council’s recent celebratory tour of the shire encompassed renowned landmarks and some of the region’s most celebrated wineries, offering volunteers the opportunity to expand their own depth of knowledge and increase connections within each of our iconic destinations. 

Northern Grampians Shire Council Mayor, Cr Rob Haswell, expressed his profound gratitude for the dedication to the shire shown by the volunteers who staff both centres, emphasising the indispensable role each person plays to elevate the visitor experience. "As the point of contact for visitors to our shire, the role that our Visitor Information Centre volunteers take on cannot be underestimated. Their local knowledge can inspire people to explore further afield than they would normally plan – drawing people’s attention to the unique places and experiences on offer through an unparalleled passion for home and we appreciate this immensely. On behalf of the council, I thank you all for the exceptional work that you do each and every day," said Cr Haswell.  

"By providing support and guidance to our visitors with such enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for all that our shire has to offer, each of you ignites the spark of curiosity in the minds of a traveller, the desire to explore beyond the traditional well-trodden routes. A love of the area shines through in every interaction, and this is exactly how we encourage people to fan out into those areas that we cherish – by helping them understand that these places are there, and are worth visiting,” added Cr Haswell.  

"Again, I would like to thank our volunteers for being the ambassadors of our region that each of you are, you truly are helping our region shine bright." 

The Northern Grampians Tourism Route begins in St Arnaud before taking visitors to Stawell and Great Western, concluding in Halls Gap and offers visitors a spectacular insight into the history, culture and diverse natural environment of the Northern Grampians region. If you would like further information about all that Northern Grampians has to offer or would like to put your hand up to share your wealth of local knowledge with visitors, please phone the Northern Grampians Shire Council visitor information line on 1800 065 599 or visit for further details. 

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