Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Device Friendly

The Northern Grampians Shire Council's current website software has be designed by Seamless CMS to be a responsive website that will reformat itself to suit the device you are viewing it from.  

It takes into account device type and screen size with responsive templates,  automated content scaling,  touch screen friendly menu systems along with many other smart features to will all you a full experience of our website no matter what device you choose to use. 

This system is designed around the latest web browser and HTML technology and it is recommended to use the latest versions of your preferred web browsers to view and interact with our website.

If you have any issues using our website on any particular devices please let us know via our Contact Us page.

Accessibility Compliance 

The Northern Grampians Shire Council endeavours to provided a website experience that is accessible to everyone.  

Our website system provided by Seamless CMS is built with WCAG 2.0 'AA' accessibility standards in mind to deliver an accessible experience for people with common disabilities.

The content within our Website is also tested against WCAG 2.0 compliance as we try provide a rich and consistence to everyone who visits our site.

If you have any issues using our website please let us know via our Contact Us page so we can investigate your problem and try to resolve the issue as soon as we can.