September 2021 Council Meeting news bites

Published on 08 September 2021

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Northern Grampians Shire Council held a council meeting on Monday 6 September 2021 at 12.30pm, remotely via Teams due to Coronavirus restrictions. The meeting was live streamed to YouTube and highlights include: 

Council Action Plan 2021-22 

Council accepted and adopted the Council Action Plan. The plan is derived from the four-year Council Plan and is an extensive outline of what Council aims to achieve over the course of the next year to address the key goals of council which are: 

  • Boost economic growth 

  • Enhance lifestyles and community 

  • Improve organisational effectiveness 

  • Provide sustainable infrastructure 

The actions are mapped into quarters to indicate anticipated completion dates. A copy of the Action Plan is available for download here. 

Kindergarten Online Enrolment System Policy 

Council adopted the policy for the new Central Registration Enrolment Scheme (CRES). The policy aligns with the Victorian State Government’s Education State Early Childhood Reform Plan 2018. CRES is an online system that streamlines kindergarten enrolment and will enable three and four year old children to be enrolled according to government guidelines such as priority of access for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. 

Event Policy 

Council adopted the Event Policy which clarifies roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in event management. The policy will provide event organisers, community groups and Northern Grampians Shire Council staff with a framework for support and delivery of events within the shire, including an outline of in-kind assistance by council and local laws compliance requirements. 

Proposed Road Namings – Zebina Lane and Gambetta Road 

Council agreed to give public notice of its intention to name the following stretches of unnamed road: 

  1. The road located between Dunstan and Trafalgar Street in St Arnaud  as Zebina Lane.  

Council officers proposed to name the road after Mr Zebina Lane who was a mining engineer instrumental in resurrecting and making profitable the Lord Nelson Mine, a once run-down gold mine. 

The lane naming in unusual because it proposes that Mr Lane’s first name be used to avoid the road being named “Lane Lane”. Most commemorative road names should only use a surname and Council requested an exemption from this condition from the Registrar of Geographic Names. 

  1. The road off Stawell-Donald Road in Stawell as Gambetta Road.  

Council officers recommended that this road be named in honour of the Gambetta family whose forebearer Mr Gambetta established the first vineyard in the Stawell district and whose family has continued to own properties in this locale. The proposal aligns with Council’s policy to name roads after original landholders to recognise the contributions made by early settlers in the shire.  

Hall of Fame Lease 

Council agreed upon the lease agreement proposed between Stawell Athletic Club Inc. (SAC) and Council. Upon signing of the lease, SAC will be able to use Central Park Hall of Fame as its exclusive home for a period of five years. 

The complete council meeting agenda and minutes are available for public viewing and an audio recording is downloadable from

A copy of the live stream is available from Council’s YouTube channel

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