Council Elections

South West Ward by-election

A by-election will be held on 28 November 2020 to fill the 1 vacancy in this ward.

Mandatory candidate training 

A person wishing to nominate as a candidate in this by-election must complete the Local Government Candidate Training program.  Completion of the training is valid for 4 years, so anyone who has already completed the training is not required to do it again.

Online training will be available on the Local Government Victoria website on Monday 12 October and be available until midday on 28 October when nominations close.

By-election timeline


How to nominate as a candidate

Nominations close 12 noon Wednesday 28 October.

To nominate as a candidate, you must:

• be an Australian citizen and enrolled on the voters’ roll for Northern Grampians Shire Council AND

• be eligible to become a councillor should you be elected AND

• have completed the mandatory candidate training before lodging your nomination with the Election Manager.

To nominate, complete the nomination form and lodge it with the Election Manager together with the $250 nomination fee. Nomination forms can be lodged by appointment during business hours from Thursday 22 October 2020 until 12 noon on Wednesday 28 October 2020 at:

Media Centre, Grandstand 1, Central Park 14-28 Main Street, Stawell

Visit for more information and to pre-complete your nomination form using the online Candidate Helper. The

online Candidate Helper will be available from Thursday 15 October 2020.

If you use the online Candidate Helper, print your pre-completed form and make an appointment to lodge it with the Election Manager along with the nomination fee.

Call the Election Manager from Wednesday 21 October 2020 on 1300 128 940 to make a nomination appointment.

Safe Campaigning Guidelines

To support candidates, Local Government Victoria has developed Safe Campaign Guidelines. Read the guidelines for Regional Victoria here.

Voting for the South West Ward By-election

Ballot packs will be mailed to voters enrolled in the Northern Grampians Shire Council by-election from Tuesday 10 November 2020. Return your completed ballot material by mail ASAP or hand-deliver it to the Election Manager by the close of voting at 6 pm on Friday 27 November 2020.  

Elections and voting

There will be no election for the Northern Grampians Shire Council in October.

Central, Kara Kara and Stawell Wards

At the close of nominations the number of candidates that had nominated for this election was the same as the number of vacancies. Therefore this election is uncontested and you are not required to vote. The following candidates are successful and will be declared elected on or after election day:

Central Ward: Kevin Erwin

Kara Kara Ward: Tony Driscoll and Karen Hyslop

Stawell Ward: Lauren Dempsey, Rob Haswell and Murray Emerson

Check out about voting in the boxes below:


Local Government elections 2020

Enrolment and Entitlement Information


If you are an Australian citizen who lives in Victoria you can check your enrolment details online at at any time.

If you think you might have a council-administered voting entitlement, read the next section on How to Enrol or contact council staff on 03 5358 8700. 

Enrol to vote online at or contact the Victorian Electoral Commission on 13 18 32.

Forms are also available from the post office.

You may apply to council to be on the voters roll if you:

  • are 18 years of age and over on Saturday 24 October 2020
  • own a rateable property in the municipality
  • are a new non-resident owner (was not enrolled as non-resident owner at most recent election) and/or non-Australian citizen
  • pay rates on property occupied OR lease specifies person is liable to pay rates (eg shop tenant)
  • are are a company director or secretary appointed by a company that pays rates

If you fit the above criteria you can apply to council to vote in this election.  To do this, you need to complete an enrolment form available from council’s Rates Department. Please ring 03 5358 8700.

Voting enrolment forms (must be received by council before 4pm on 28 August 2020)

The following enrolment forms are made available here for easy access for those who wish to apply to be a council-enrolled voter:

Owner enrolment application(PDF, 126KB) - Sect 242(1)This form can be used by owners who are non-resident citizens. Also, to be used by owner ratepayers who were not entitled to vote at the last Council election in 2016, or by owner ratepayers who have moved out of the Municipality since the 2016 election.

Corporation owner - Appointment of voting representative(PDF, 114KB) - Sect 245(1) To be used where the property is owned by a company.  This form allows for the appointment of either the company secretary or director to vote on behalf of the corporation. 

Corporation occupier - Appointment of voting representative(PDF, 59KB) - Sect 245(2) - To be used where the property is occupied by a company (as a tenant) and is responsible for payment of the rates.  This form allows for the appointment of either the company secretary or director to vote on behalf of the corporation.  

Occupier Ratepayer - Application for enrolment(PDF, 120KB) - Sect 244 (1) and (3) - To be used where the property is occupied by an individual who is responsible for payment of the rates (not an owner).  The occupier must not be enrolled as a resident of the municipality on the State electoral roll.

Refer to the attached Voter enrolments information brochure here.(PDF, 70KB) (PDF, 70KB)





Northern Grampians Council elections are conducted by postal voting.   In the lead up to the 24 October 2020 Council elections, all voting information can be found on the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website 

Postal placemat


Details about currently elected councillors can be found here.


The Local Government Act 1989 requires that the Chief Executive Officer publish a summary of Campaign Donation Returns(PDF, 55KB) which details campaign donations/gifts received.