Audit committee

The Audit Committee is an independent advisory committee to council and operates under an Audit Committee Charter(PDF, 80KB)The committee was established to assist in the effective conduct of council’s responsibilities for good governance, the management of risk, financial reporting and maintenance of reliable systems and internal controls.

The composition of the committee 

The Audit Committee consists of at least three members, the majority of whom must be independent. Council appoints committee members and the committee chair. The chair of the Audit Committee must be independent.  At least one committee member should be financially literate.

The committee consists of the following members:


Mr Peter Knights (Chair) - first appointed 2002
Mr Tony Roberts - appointed August 2013
Ms Lynn Jensz - appointed April 2019

Independent members are appointed for a three-year term and are eligible to be reappointed after the expiry of their term.

Upon the completion of an independent member's three-year term, the member's position becomes vacant. Council invites suitable applicants to fill the vacancy via an advertisement in the public newspapers. An interview process is conducted and council then appoints the successful applicant at the next council meeting. 


Cr Kevin Erwin - member since 2003
Cr Karen Hyslop - member since 2018

Councillors are appointed annually to the Audit Committee. The Mayor may be a member of the Audit Committee if they are one of the councillor representatives.

Council sets the remuneration for the external independent Audit Committee members at $250 per meeting attended and $2,000pa for the Chair.