FAQ’s regarding eNotices

Q. How do I register for eNotices?    

A. On the signup page at ngshire.enotices.com.au enter your email address and the eNotice reference number shown at the bottom of your rate notice.  Once you select sign up you will receive an email which asks you to complete your registration by entering a password.  

What can I do on the eNotice system?   

  • add and delete notices that you would like to receive electronically.
  •  change your email address and contact details at any time
  •  download copies of any of your notices      

Q. I forgot my password? 

A. Your password can be reset by using the “forgot password” function on the log-in page at ngshire.enotices.com.au 

Q. How do I register to receive electronic accounts for multiple properties? 

A. If you have multiple properties and the rate notices show the identical name and postal address, these properties will be automatically added to your eNotice account.  If you have additional properties which are sent to a different name or postal address, you can add these to your account by logging into ngshire.enotices.com.au, click on your profile in the top right corner of the page, select the Accounts tab and enter the eNotice reference number shown on your rate notice into the input eNotices reference number field. 

If you have any issues, please email rates@ngshire.vic.gov.au to request additional notices be  added to your account.  Please ensure that you provide your assessment number and the name  shown on the notice. 

Q. My email address has changed.  How do I update it? 

A. To update your email address, log in to ngshire.enotices.com.au and from the dashboard under the section I want to... select update contact details.  Replace the existing email address with your new email address and once you press save an email will automatically be sent to the new email address requesting that you verify the email address.  Follow the prompts in this email to complete the change.