Pre-application advice

To further assist you with your application, our planning department offers a pre-lodgement meeting service.

The purpose of this service is to enable you to discuss your proposal in detail and gain valuable advice. It also gives you the opportunity to make any changes to your application prior to submission, in line with council’s requirements.

It is important to note that any advice given at the pre-application meeting is preliminary advice, and represents the informal officer's opinion in respect of your proposal. Whilst all efforts will be made to ensure the information and advice provided is accurate and correct, it is provided without prejudice to any future decision the Northern Grampians Shire Council may make in respect of the proposal. The advice given may be impacted by any consequential changes in the design, referral responses, site inspections by the planning officer or any other matter at the discretion of Northern Grampians Shire Council.

You can book an appointment with the planning services unit on 03 5358 8700, to discuss proposals or other related planning enquiries.  

How to prepare for the pre-application appointment

Below is a list of things you can do to ensure that you get the most comprehensive pre-application advice possible: 

  • look at the Northern Grampians Planning Scheme, including planning policies that may affect your application
  • check the zoning information and overlays for your property
  • obtain a current copy of the Certificate of Title for the land (visit LANDATA and perform an online title search)
  • prepare preliminary designs and sketches that show: 
    • how your proposal respects the site and the surrounding area 
    • how the design considers the site constraints.           

Without all of the information listed above, the planning officer’s advice may be limited.

Next steps

You can contact us if you have any follow-up questions, or if you wish to submit revised plans for consideration before lodging your application.