Kindergarten and Daycare

3 - 5 Walker Street. St Arnaud view map
Phone: 03 5495 2666
Fax: 03 5495 2655

A centre for local families to access high-quality early childhood services guided by the Australian Children's Education & Care Authority.

  • At St Arnaud Early Learning Centre, we believe that every child is unique. All children will be viewed as individuals who have the right to be treated equally and with respect. Staff encourage children to be self-confident learners, whilst supporting their emerging independence and fostering empowerment.
  • We value partnerships with families and the community as an important network within our centre. We acknowledge that families are central to children's early learning and encourage participation on many levels. Staff are committed to a family focus where we are respectful of the confidentiality of service users. We promote sharing of information with families, which in turn enhances children's early learning and self-confidence within the centre and home environments.
  • The centre celebrates the diverse culture of Australian families today, and encourage beliefs of acceptance and values individuality, through the program plans, interactions, the menu, the aesthetic environment and families using care.
  • We believe in children's holistic health, therefore whilst in care, we support children's nutritional needs. We work as a team with families to deliver quality nutritional care. The centre cook ensures the planned menu provides children with a minimum of half the dietary requirements recommended for the day. We encourage healthy eating patterns, whilst encouraging children to have choice within the set menu, and developing their knowledge of nutrition, health and wellbeing. We believe children are capable and resourceful human beings who are able to realise their full potential whilst participating in an environment of opportunities for imagination, creation, play, problem-solving, imitation and positive role models, experimentation, life skills, language and physical abilities and where there is time for expression of thoughts and ideas. Staff encourage all children to become successful learners within a well-supervised environment which is relaxed, aesthetically inviting and shows evidence of individual belonging.

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