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Recycling Victoria - GLASS

The State Government is introducing new ways to separate waste from households to encourage better recycling.
By 2025/26 all Victorian Local Governments must provide a glass service, this can either be a kerbside or drop off service. Kerbside bins will be another bin at home (purple lid), while a drop off service will be sites where you will need to take your glass to.

Removing glass from your yellow comingled recycling bin will improve the quality of the recyclables, why? 

When glass breaks, the shards and pieces penetrate and pierce into cardboard and plastics, this contaminates these materials making it more difficult to recycle.  So, removing glass from the yellow bin will improve the quality of paper, tin, foil and plastics for recycling.  Glass collected separately will be easy to recycle too.

Please complete the survey to help Council to understand the needs of the community.

Glass Survey